Albums to Improve Productivity at the Office

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Music Albums To Improve Your productivity at Work

Some albums to improve productivity and inspire you on the next Monday morning.

Music is our biggest super-hero. It helps us go through our saddest, happiest and most stressful moments of our lives and is proven to be incredibly beneficial to our minds. Science has shown us that listening to music can help us improve our memory and lead to better brain development. Not that you needed any reasons to listen more often, but it’s still good to be reminded.

According to researches, each genre influences our brain differently. But in terms of productivity levels, the most known types are: classical music, game soundtracks, nature sounds, energetic tracks and instrumental songs. Taking this in consideration, I selected a few albums that certainly have helped me gain concentration at work and might just help you get inspired on the next Monday morning.

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Big Pop for Chameleon World by Jerry Paper

Music Albums to Improve Productivity - Big Pop for Chameleon World

This is for sure, the best album to listen to at the office. Some might call his style “weird” but Jerry Paper definitely has dreamy vocals, and amazing synth-pop songs on Big Pop for Chameleon World.

It’s a relaxing and pure album filled with digital synth sounds and heavy-lidded vocalizations, which aims to interpret the artist’s quest for ritual transcendence and freedom. Intentional or not, the similarity between the songs’ instrumentals definitely make this album perfect to listen to at work, due to its passive transition.

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Iteration by Com Truise

Music Albums to Improve Productivity - Iteration Com Truise

Com Truise, definitely master the electronics. Iteration has this 80’s aesthetic, which matches the album cover’s vintage fonts, computer design and color saturation. A synthesizer ambiance that will take you back in time with its impressive soundtracks.

You will find energetic electronic drums, bass lines and keyboards that will bust your brain with activity and good vibes. Since it only has instrumentals, it will not distract you from what you’re doing.

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Little Dark Age by MGMT

Music Albums to Listen at the Office - Little Dark Age by MGMT

Comparing to the band’s previous albums, Little Dark Age offers a soft and simple synth pop vibe, which I particularly prefer for office days. And although their emblematic dark overtone continues to be present, these lyrics are slightly more focused.

This album features dazzling streamlined pop, hued indie and electro soundtracks that differ a lot from the bands usual 60’s references. I really enjoy this album due to its quality instrumentals and lyrics, which were inspired by Trump’s selection and the overall state of America.

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On Poppy Island by Fantasy guys

Music Albums to Listen at the Office - On Poppy Island by Fantasy guys

Fantasy Guys were definitely the biggest discovery last year, for me. Their style is so unique and energetic that instantly improves my mood every single time. “On poppy island” is particular interesting because it looks like you’re on a tropical island drinking a cocktail and dancing with wild animals. Weird right? It’s that good.

Expect cheeky island pop, R&B and chill video game vibes from this album. Beautiful keyboard beats, happy guitars and jazzy flutes which result in a unique masterpiece when combined with soft vocals.

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Polygondwanaland by King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard

Music Albums to Listen at the Office - Polygondwanaland by King Gizzard and The Lizzard Wizzard

If you’re into psych rock, this album is a must next Monday morning. Polygondwanaland has impressive guitars, powerful drums and weirdo lyrics that will make you bounce on your chair every time.

First of all, the album starts with a 10-min long master piece “Crumbling Castle” which will leave you wide awake. Second, each song leaves a unique impact, and swap to the next one with certain smoothness. Third, you get a full experience from a quiet percussion to punctuated vocals and rich guitars. What’s more to ask?

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EP2 by Yaeji

Music Albums to Listen at the Office - EP2 by Yaeji

Yaeji created “EP2” having as base an elegant architecture that seems to define dancefloor ambiance in its best form. On this album you will find a beautiful combination between Korean and English lyrics, performed with both relaxing murmurs and energetic raps.

Get immersed on deep backbeats, heavy bass and dope soundtracks which are filled with formidable artwork and impassioned timbres. Perfect to inspire you on a creative work week.

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So get prepared to shut yourself off from stressful teammates, grumpy bosses and get your headphones on for a more productive week, while listening to these masterpieces. Please let me know what you think about this selection of albums to improve productivity, and share any other suggestions down below, I’d love to check them out!