Good Anime Series and Movies To Watch Right Now

Anime Series and Movies To Wach Right Now - The Disaster Artist

Get your blanket ready. Here are some anime series and movies to watch!

With so many great options out there, sometimes choosing a movie or serie to watch turns into a 2-hour research of critic reviews and trailers. Until you realize it’s already too late to start one because you have to work the next morning. At least that happens to me all the time…

So, today, I decided to share a few anime series and movies that I watched recently and absolutely loved, to help you decide faster and spend a great evening by yourself or with friends. Hope you enjoy!



Land of the Lustrous

Our Score: 8.5

Good Anime Series and Movies to Watch - Land of the Lustrous

Houseki no Kuni ( Land of the Lustrous) happens in a distant future, where humans are no longer in existence but, instead, there are three different species with particular different ways of living and physical characteristics.

Land of the Lustrous is a place where immortal delicate beings called Gems, fight for survival against Lunarians, who want to capture them due to their precious mineral body constitution. Each Gem is assigned a different position, and train their battle skills every day of their lives. The story evolves around Phosphophyllite the youngest gem in the group, who aims to have a purpose in life and become a strong warrior.

This anime conquered me right from the start due to its unique artwork, detailing of the characters, and its mysterious fictional story with a few plots to die for. Get prepared for major character development, touching deaths and impressive fighting scenes, all built in a beautifully-designed feminine atmosphere.

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Violet Evergarden

Our Score: 8.3

Anime Series to Watch - Violet Evergarden

Don’t get fooled by her appearance, Violet Evergarden is an authentic war weapon, completely trained to handle harsh realities and live on the battlefield. A human machine with high capabilities and military training who wants to understand human feelings and behaviors a little bit more.

After the war, she is left alone without the presence of her dear companion who shared some beautiful words before he died. Violet, now works as an Auto Memories Doll who’s responsible to convert people’s feelings into letters, and tries to understand what those words really meant.

This is a beautiful story which makes you reflect about how fragile we are and how words can make a huge impact on people’s lives. Everyday she tries to live a normal life and gets to know the most touching stories from the ones around her. Absolutely recommend if you enjoy drama and romance.

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Devilman Crybaby

Our Score: 7.8

Anime Series to Watch - Devilman Crybaby 2018

The popular anime Devilman Crybaby had an incredible comeback this year. A story filled with inhuman beings and sinful scenarios, which are not easy to digest sometimes. I definitely not recommend for soft-hearted.

The story is given around Akira Fudo, a not-so-normal young man who practices sports together with his friends, when he is pushed once again into the devil world by his mysterious best friend Ryou Asuka. “Devilman” is the name given when there is a blend of human souls with demoniac entities. Akira – one of them – is forced to share his body with Aemon, an underground devil with outstanding power.

I really thought this anime was well-constructed, and features both an incredible soundtrack and artwork. It has shocking and impressive scenes that make you think about the darkest side of human behavior and our survival instincts. The only negative I have to point out was the last episode, but overall one of the best anime series I have ever watched!

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Our score: 8.6

Movies to Watch 2017 - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a brilliant tragicomedy from Martin McDonagh, which portrays the suffering and anger of a mother whose daughter was brutally raped and murdered, and still waits for justice.

The story begins with three billboards which contain shaming messages to the policemen who have failed to catch the killer and seem not to run a serious investigation at all. Mildred – the mother – represented by the talented Frances McDormand, is a strong character who isn’t afraid to take risks, take anyone’s threats and go after law to achieve her goals.

This is a dark humor movie that is built to make you laugh in the most inappropriate circumstances, representing subjects such as racism, rape and police brutality at its finest and lightest forms. I definitely recommend this award-winning masterpiece, as it makes you understand our society’s brutal truths in a humorous and very entertaining way.

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The Disaster Artist

Our score: 8

Good Anime Series and Movies to Watch - The Disaster Artist

James Franco really pushed himself on “The Disaster Artist“, acting, producing and directing such an entertaining satire. The movie portrays what was going on behind-the-scenes of The Room, the famous unintentional comedy by Tommy Wiseau.

The true-life story evolves around the friendship between Wiseau, played by James Franco, and Greg Sestero, played by Dave Franco. Two aspiring actors who want to climb their way to success into the Hollywood landscape and, who, after getting rejected by so many agencies, decide to create their own movie.

The chemistry between the characters as well as the cast’s outstanding performance, really makes this movie captivating. And I particularly enjoyed it because it makes us see more than just a bad film making experience, but the challenging and touching story of these two friends. The connection with The Room was perfectly achieved, just like its humorous character!

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Our score: 7.6

Movies to Watch 2017 - Okja

Okja is a beautiful Sci-fi movie directed by Bong Joon Ho that illustrates the harsh reality on corporate capitalism, meat production and its consumption. A “hard-to-digest” piece of art about genetically modified meat with beautifully-made scenes.

The movie is set on a near future and focuses on the heartbreaking story between a young girl and its beast friend – Okja – who share a life of adventure together in distant South Korean mountains. The girl does her best to keep her pet safe from a multinational corporate company – Mirando – that wants to abduct it to introduce new food products as a potential solution to world hunger.

This touching cinematic piece allows to awake questions such as where does our food come from, how animals are treated and if companies are really to be trusted when it comes to this matter. Definitely recommend.

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Hope you enjoyed this selection of anime series and movies and have a great time tonight. Let me know if you watch any of these already or make any other suggestions down below, I’d love to check them out. See ya!