5 Tips for a More Affordable Travel

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5 tips for a more affordable travel

No, you don’t need to give up on your dream trip just yet. Here are some tips for a more affordable travel!

While every single one of your friends seems to be posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram visiting a new country or trying weird foreign food, you still cannot understand how they even manage to travel several times per year, while you still have mortgage and endless college fees to pay.

The thing is, even if you don’t have the money to spend on extravagant trips, you can still find more affordable alternatives to explore the world. Take myself as an example, last year I literally went on three small trips around Europe and didn’t spend much more than 300€ per each (yes it is possible).

So don’t give up yet, here are 5 tips for a budget travel that will allow you to go where you always dreamed of, this year.


Travel off-season

5 Tips for a More Affordable Travel - Travel Off-season
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I think I rarely travel on high-season. It’s a lot more expensive, the destinations are often filled with tourists and queues to places seem to be never ending. So, if you have a flexible schedule I definitely recommend you to travel off-season.

Keep in mind that tourist seasons depend on the destination (study yours), but normally they happen around summer and holiday breaks. Meaning that, during that time, not only flights are more expensive but also accommodations.

Make sure to schedule early in the year or during early autumn, for a more pleasant and affordable trip.

Plan shorter trips

5 Tips for a More Affordable Travel - plan shorter trips
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Obviously, the longer you stay out of the country the more you will spend. And you don’t necessary have to spend a full week to experience the best of a trip. If you plan it wisely, 2 or 3 days are more than enough, and a lot cheaper. In my case, I often check for a weekend, travel on a Friday and comeback whether a Sunday night or Monday morning.

Also, choose a destination that is closer to your hometown, so you don’t waste a full day in flights. And if it is that close (just like when I went to Vigo) you can just drive with your friends and family. It can be more interesting than you think.


Forget about staying in hotels

5 Tips for a More Affordable Travel - hostels
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Although you can also find affordable hotels, if you really want to save money, go for other options (they don’t suck at all). You can book a hostel, share a flat with someone local, schedule an Airbnb or even talk to a long-time friend to sleep on her/his couch.

Just imagine, often these accommodations are a lot cheaper and include a kitchen where you can cook your meals, instead of spending hundreds on local restaurants. Although I do recommend to try some traditional food at least once.

Choose an accomodation that is closest to the city center, so you can walk instead of going on public transportation all the time.


Look for flight deals

5 Tips for a More Affordable Travel - look for flight deals
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I know this is pretty self-explanatory, but I recommend you to subscribe a few travel platforms such as Bing TravelSkyscanner or cheap airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet (if you’re in Europe), or Spirit (if you’re in America).

This way you can receive promotions directly in your email, and get relevant news about flights at all times (until you find your dream one for 20 bucks). It has been working out for me!


Go on a volunteer project

5 Tips for a More Affordable Travel - go on a volunteer project
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If you’re looking to have a life-changing experience, you can always sign up to a volunteer project. And no, don’t do it just because you want to travel, but because you actually want to be useful for the society you will visit.

There are plenty of volunteering associations out there, including ONU‘s, AIESEC and Cross Cultural Solutions.  Keep in mind that they look for specific profiles, and that you need to be well-prepared for dealing with harsh realities.

It’s one of my biggest goals to go but never had the opportunity. Yet, I’m sure it is a great option if you want to grow as a person!


Hope you enjoyed these tips and manage to plan an affordable travel to your dream destination. Let me know what you think or share any other suggestions down below. See ya!