5 Online Fashion Brands For Unique Women’s Clothing

5 Online Fashion Brands For Unique Clothing - Eggie Shop

If you want to slay your enemies with unique pieces, take a look at these Online Fashion Brands!

Although a great outfit doesn’t need a special occasion, I wish I had thought of this article sooner because it might have been handy for finding a New Year’s Eve look! Oh well.

If you’re the kind of person that cannot stand queues and walking the extra mile for good items, online shopping might be the easiest and quickest option for you. Besides, most stores feature boring trendy collections that might not suit more creative individuals.

So if you want to have the kind of clothing that everyone in your neighborhood will judge about, I definitely recommend you to check out these 5 online fashion brands down below.



5 Online Fashion Brands For Unique Clothing - Eggie

Jenn Im, aka one of my favorite fashion youtubers of all time, recently launched her own clothing line – EGGIE – which is filled with a wide variety of designs that take us back to different ages of fashion.

Gender fluid collections that range from polished elegant looks to bold punk items. Her unique fashion vision defines the brand’s work, showcasing that mixing different styles is always the best option. If you’re a fan of the 90’s and early 00’s lifestyle, here it is friend.

Price Range: $20 – $80

Visit Site



5 Online Fashion Brands For Unique Clothing - Amore by Marzia

The successful and beautiful Marzia Bisognin also announced her newest clothing line – AMORE – an adorable yet modern collection characterized by soft pastel colors and lovely statement adornments.

A small collection that includes only 9 items but creative enough to stun the whole world. I mean you rarely ever see clothing that will make you look like a cute anime or video game character without looking weird. I definitely recommend if you’re into this style.

Price Range: $20 – $100

Visit Site



5 Online Fashion Brands For Unique Clothing - Umo Style

Fashion influencer, Karen Yeung is the founder of Umo. A brand that screams 90’s fashion with its bold designs and color selection. It focuses mainly on shirts, berets and chokers and includes up to 20 delusional pieces.

The items in this collection will make you look like a vintage movie character and will definitely transform a normal everyday outfit with its statement graphic texts and doodles. Now go blind your enemies.

Price range: $30 – $50

Visit Site



5 Online Fashion Brands For Unique Clothing - Soleil.jpg

was born in the hands of three young females – Megan, Chloe and Kirra – who are passionate about art, music and travel. Their collection is inspired by their interests and includes over 30 items.

In their collection they make sure to include political messages, nostalgic designs and creative graphics that will definitely become a conversation starter in your next meeting with friends. Ready to become a bohemian queen?

Price Range: $20 – $90

Visit Site



Nordic Poetry

5 Online Fashion Brands For Unique Clothing -Nordic Poetry.jpg

Nordic Poetry is specialized in vintage and retro women’s clothing. Each item they offer is unique and carefully hand-picked by a group of professionals. I particularly love the fact that all of them are laundered and look as good as new.

An ethical choice if you are looking for stunning and unique 60’s-to-90’s inspired clothing. A wide variety of styles, brands and designs that range from skirts to oversize coats. Definitely check it out if you want that old school vibe.

Price range: $35 – $300

Visit site


I’m sure you will put together an incredible outfit with these online clothing stores and stun your friends and family at any event. Make sure to share a few other suggestions down below so we can check out! See ya 🙂




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