Best Albums of 2017 You Shouldn’t Have Missed

Best Music Albums of 2017

No you can’t just move on to the next year without listening to the Best Albums of 2017.

The entertainment industry was incredibly strong this year. Intriguing comebacks, awesome anime series and of course, new albums that made us believe in gods and art once again.

Of course this selection is based on my music taste and might not fit everyone’s standards. Sorry! These are just a few albums that really got to me this year and filled my brain with great vibes and blood-curling emotions.

If you thought you experienced the best music already, make sure to try these albums out before 2018 surprises us with new masterpieces.

No specific order by the way.


Process by Sampha

Genre: Alternative Rnb  / Neo Soul

Best Music Albums of 2017 - Sampha Process

The first time I experienced Sampha‘s incredible talent was actually live at Nos Primavera Sound the past summer. And omg. How addicted have I become to this album.

Process has this bedroom recording style that combines alternative rnb beats and delicate singing. The emotion given in this album is beyond real, reflecting the artist’s most precious childhood memories, and pain dealing with both of his parent’s loss.

The narrative is painful to listen to (and by painful I mean touching), yet so beautifully pulled together in neo soul acoustics that are rather impressive and powerful.

“If heaven’s a prison then I am your prisoner”

Play Here


Damn by Kendrick Lamar

Genre: Conscious Rap / Hip Hop

Best Music Albums of 2017 - Kendrick Lamar Damn

Although Kendrick Lamar is beyond famous in the Rap world, unfortunately I have never realized it before. But this year with Damn‘s debut, there was just no way I could ignore it for long (I mean everyone was talking about this masterpiece).

Not that I’m a huge fan of rap, I’m more into soul and indie, but I just fell hard on this one seriously. In this album Kendrick is an authentic storyteller describing in detail how it was like to grow up like he did, which also includes issues such as racism, politics, violence and self-defense.

Powerful rhymes that are brought to us through intelligent tracks and incredible hip hop acoustics.

America, God Bless You If Its Good To You.”

Play Here


Boo Boo by Toro Y Moi

Genre: Chillwave / Synthpop

Best Albums 2017 - Toro Y Moi Boo Boo

Toro y Moi aka Chaz Bundick is by far one of my favorite artists of all time. If you start listening to him you will soon realize why. Being at the heart of Chillwave music, Chaz is a master when it comes to sound effects, loops and synthesizers.

To it he adds a relaxing voice and creative lyrics that will make you go back to your teenage years. Boo Boo, is a new perspective of his sound. Being mix-raced, Chaz decided to go back to his afro-american roots and produce a relatively different album.

Boo Boo is a mixture of different styles, going towards the album title’s versatile meaning, which is meant to leave a different impression on the listener (sadness, humiliation, fear, or love). A narrative album that will blow your mind away with its stories and outstanding synth effects.

“Why’s a psycho on the roof again? Skipping therapy to make a friend”

Play Here


Hypersex by Moullinex

Genre: Disco / Electronic

Moullinex Hypersex

Luis Clara Gomes aka Moullinex  is a talented Portuguese singer and producer known for its fun sounds and daring collaborations. A passionate DJ and multi-instrumentalist that stuns everyone with his presence and creative art.

In his newest album, Hypersex, he brings together old school dance moves, sexy lyrics and outstanding disco vibes to showcase that music is universal and made to connect people from every nationality, race, religion and sexuality.

Gladly I had the opportunity to experience this album live, and what a show. If you’re a fan of good instrumentals and having a great time, you should be rocking this on your car right now!

“Won’t you reach down in my pocket?”

Play here


Cruisin’ Around Respecting Babes by Fantasy Guys

Genre: Dream Pop / Groovy

10 Albums of 2017 You Shouldn't Have Missed - Cruisin Around Respecting Babes Fantasy Guys
Ok I’m not sure if this counts but I definitely couldn’t leave Fantasy Guys‘ latest EP out. Although 4 tracks cannot ever be enough to showcase how great these guys actually are. So I definitely recommend you to explore a little bit more.

Crusin’ Around Respecting Babes, as you can probably imagine by the title, is a passionate masterpiece that bursts elegant pop, jazzy instrumentals (mainly bass, drum loops and keyboards), and seductive lyrics that will make you think of your crush right away.

A stunning, relaxing masterpiece that will make the rest of this year worth it.

“Once in a while I call your name. Believe it or not I feel the same”

Play Here


Mister Mellow by Washed Out

Genre: Chillwave / Electronic

10 Albums of 2017 You Shouldn't Have Missed - Mister Mellow Washed Out

I know I already wrote an article about this album, so this selection shouldn’t be a surprise. Ernest Greene, the mastermind behind Washed Out is a chillwave pioneer who doesn’t seem to forget any detail in his lyrics and visual designs.

Mister Mellow embraces the artist’s concern on boredom, despair, stress and depression, which happen to be more present in our daily lives. Greene even includes altered short messages between the tracks to showcase the realness behind this theme, connecting the synth instrumentals with an individual story.

This album feels like a journey within ourselves and our depressive everyday routines. Inspiring, entertaining and so real.

“It’s fun daydreaming, you know. You get to be whoever you want and you get to do whatever you like”

Play Here


Painted Ruins by Grizzly Bear

Genre: Indie Rock / Pysch Folk

10 Albums of 2017 You Shouldn't Have Missed - Painted Ruins Grizzly Bear

North-american band Grizzly Bear debuted its Fifth album this year and I couldn’t have been more excited about it. Their music is just an explosion of emotions.

When you listen to Painted Ruins you get immediately into a state of hypnosis with its layering of voices and gorgeous guitars and drums. The tracks slowly build up into a climax, along with deep messages that fit like puzzles in the end.

This album is a cinematic experience with various approaches to vocals and instrumentals, which are perfect to listen to on a rainy day.

“I’m hauling away. I do it all the time. Let love age and watch it burn out and die”

Play Here


Drunk by Thundercat

Genre: R&B / Acid Jazz

10 Albums of 2017 You Shouldn't Have Missed - Drunk Thundercat

Thundercat is an absolute genius. He innovates and combines afro-american influences such as soul, jazz and rnb with a 70’s funk spark. His music is just plain unique and able to reach all kinds of listeners.

Drunk is all about ironic and honest songwriting. In the beginning he even gives himself a prep talk as a reminder to comb his hair and brush his teeth. This album takes you through a real night out with Thundercat and experience every process of it.

A stunning album that reveals the artist’s humanity, feelings and ugliest flaws.

“Nobody move, there’s blood on the floor and I can’t find my heart! Where did it go? Did I leave it in the cold?”

Play here


Villains by Queens of the Stone Age

Genre: Hard Rock / Alternative Rock

10 Albums of 2017 You Shouldn't Have Missed - Villains Queens of The Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age are the definition of contemporary hard rock. A band who doesn’t care about following rules or standards, and seem to shake guitars and powerful lyrics like natural-born superpowers.

Their newest album Villains carries the usual mature language which are brought to life with intense rock instrumentals. Although the crafty songwriting, this album might just be one of the best they delivered.

Homme’s intention is to showcase that you cannot just do as you please because everything can change in a few seconds depending on your actions. “Isn’t that crazy – you’re in that world all of a sudden?”. This album is about the right here right now and you should be listening to it.

“Life is hard that’s why no one survives. I’m much older than I thought I’d be”

Play Here


American Dream by LCD Soundsystem

Genre: Electronic / Synth Pop

10 Albums of 2017 You Shouldn't Have Missed - American Dream LCD Soundsystem

New York city band, LCD Soundsystem made a huge comeback this year with a fourth album named American Dream. Known for their sick keyboards and synth pop tracks, the band decided to bring a rather wistful theme into their latest work.

This album is about endings. Love, friendships and the American Dream itself. Murphy, father of a young child, decides to bring back twitching rhythms and spirited sounds while referring to such serious themes, which worked incredibly well on my opinion.

An authentic masterpiece that will make you choose between dancing your heart out or admiring its influential songwriting. You won’t need coffee if you listen to it in the morning.

“If you dance out, no one complains. Find the place where you can be boring, where you won’t need to explain.”

Play Here


Hope you enjoyed this selection of the Best Music Albums of 2017. Let me know down below which were your favorites this year, I’d love to check them out! See ya.



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