Cooking Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching

Here are the best Cooking Shows to get some inspiration for your next meal!

I  have always been pretty lazy to learn how to cook, and now I regret it so much turning down my mom’s lessons when I was younger. Because hell yeah great food means a happier life.

Now that I’m living on my own I realize it’s so freaking difficult to create delicious healthy dishes and when I do want them, I simply go out. But that’s not wallet-friendly most of the times as you can imagine… so I’m trying really hard to cook at home.

So here are a few amazing food tv shows that have been really useful lately and inspire me to improve my cooking skills! I promise they are not boring.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Cooking Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching - Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Literally any Anthony Bourdain show is worth watching. Simply because it gives you a new perspective on different cultures and countries, showcasing not only the most incredible cuisines but also history, habits and politic stories.

I love watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown due to its realistic documentation where everything, even not so tourist-friendly places, come alive in poetic descriptions and amazing interviews.

This show it’s not specifically to learn how to cook but to understand food from different places, and really getting the traditions behind it. I absolutely love it.


Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen

Cooking Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching - Sara's New Nordic Kitchen

In this show, Sara La Fountain – a Finnish-american chef –  returns to Helsinki to provide a new take on typical Scandinavian cuisine. Her goal is to showcase that Nordic Cuisine is more than rye bread and alcohol, and she sure does it with stunning dishes and desserts.

I particularly love that Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen is a simple lighthearted show, where she visits several local producers in search for the best Nordic ingredients to use in her kitchen.

La Fountain really inspires me to try different food and explains each step incredibly well.  I definitely recommend.


Raymond Blanc: The Very Hungry French Man

Cooking Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching - Raymond Blanc The Very Hungry French Man

Raymond Blanc is such an inspiration. Born in France, he moved to the UK for several years to become one of Britain’s most recognized chefs. And all he knows happens to be self-taught!

As weird this might seem, Raymond Blanc had never cooked in his home country before, therefore this show is completely dedicated to the beautiful and varied French cuisine, which he loves so much.

Searching for inspiration, Blanc visits producers from different parts of France, to learn more about each region’s traditional dishes and reinvents them for local costumers.

I particularly enjoy his personality in the show, as well as the outstanding tips and knowledge he earned throughout his career. Amazing.


Jamie’s Super Food

Cooking Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching - Jamie's Super Food

Jamie Oliver is such a revolution in the food industry. He calls out important issues like diabetes, processed food and tries to be socially and politically active in the UK. This time he brings us Jamie’s Super Food to teach us how to transform nutritious ingredients into delicious meals.

According to research, there are at least 5 places in the world where life expectation is higher and people live healthier. In this show, Oliver visits each one of these spots to discover their secrets and then, showcases how we can use these so called “Super Food”.

The best part is that he uses everyday ingredients that can be easily found in any supermarket or grocery store. If you want to become healthier, this is definitely the show for you!


Valentine Warner’s Wild Table

Cooking Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching - Valentine Warner's Wild Table

This cooking show is anything but conventional guys. And that’s precisely why it’s so interesting to watch. Recognized chef Valentine Warner explores breathtaking landscapes in Canada seeking to find the wildest ingredients to include in his dishes.

Inspired by wild nature, Valentine makes sure to transform traditional Canadian cuisine with unusual flavors and techniques along with stunning views from mountains and rivers.

Valentine Warner’s Wild Table is radical, adventurous and super entertaining. Yet there’s no way I could copy its recipes!


Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery

Cooking Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching - Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery

With a 25-year portfolio in Scandinavian Cuisine, recognized chef Tareq Taylor explores the heart and soul of this region to showcase the best of its culture, tradition, craftsmanship and of course, cuisine.

Across unique northern landscapes he meets local producers, chefs and specialists to learn more about the new Nordic Cuisine and recreates delicious dishes in both natural and intense styles.

Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery is really worth watching if you’re looking for some elegant inspiration.



Home cooking might sound boring I know. But it’s one hundred times healthier than eating out…I mean at least you know which ingredients you use. Even your waistline will thank you after this.

Let me know what you think down below or any other suggestions. See ya 🙂






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