These are the Best Anime Series of 2017

These are the Best Anime Series of 2017 - Juuni Taisen

If 2017 was this good I can’t wait for next year. Have you watched any of these anime series already??

I still can’t believe a year already passed since my last best anime series selection. And since this addiction doesn’t seem to get any better, I decided to bring you my favorites this year as well (I promise I will have a better life next year, mom).

Of course I followed my usual shows – Dragon Ball Super, Boku no Hero, Attack on Titan, Berserk – but I only wanted to include series that have been released this year and that absolutely made me go deeper into the otaku world.

So here are the best anime series of 2017 on my humble opinion!

Made in Abyss

Genres: Mystery / Adventure

These are the Best Anime Series of 2017 - Made in Abyss

I know I have already written a full article on this anime, but I really need to mention it again. Made in Abyss was by far the best anime series I watched this year and in my entire life!

The story is given in a city called Orth, where a massive underground crater known as Abyss hides precious artifacts and creatures. Deeper you go into it, the most dangerous it becomes… but that doesn’t stop these two fellows to go down and get what they are looking for.

Although it looks like the cutest thing ever, this is actually a very intense and creepy story. It evolves around two main characters Reg – a half-robot looking boy – and Riko – an unskilled cave rider who wants to follow her mother’s footsteps.

Get prepared to cry, to laugh and be surprised by shocking, horrifying plots. Absolutely genius.

Our rating: 9

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Juuni Taisen

Genres: Action

These are the Best Anime Series of 2017 - Juuni Taisen

Juuni Taisen really surprised me, but it’s definitely not for soft-hearted people. It has an interesting story, shocking fighting scenes and amazing plot twists that will make you have a few heart attacks throughout each episode.

Basically, every twelve years there’s a tournament on which 12 different warriors (that happen to be representative of each zodiac animal) fight to death. The winner is granted any wish they want, whatever that is.

What I particularly loved about Juuni Taisen is the fact that you can’t predict anything. It doesn’t have the kind of storytelling we are used to in anime, where everything starts slowly. You basically just need to have your heart in your hands every time, and be prepared for intense, creepy fighting scenes. And forget about having favorite characters.

Our rating: 8.2

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Mahoutsukai no Yome

Genres: Adventure / Fantasy

Best Anime of 2017 -

Mahoutsukai no Yome aka Magu’s bride is basically the opposite of Juuni Taisen. It’s a beautiful story between a young girl who has suffered quite a lot, that is sold in an auction to a magus, who looks more like a demon than a human.

Chise -the girl – is not a normal human being, she is actually a quite special creature known for outstanding magical abilities. Elias – the weird guy with a skeleton head – owns her in attempt to turn her into his apprentice. The thing is, everything looks fine but it’s still not possible to understand the magu’s real intentions.

A magical story filled with interesting creatures, spells and romantic drama. Definitely recommend it if you like this style of anime. It’s currently still airing by the way, and I see great potential in it!

Our rating: 7.5

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Genres: adventure / action

Best Anime of 2017 - Boruto

As someone who was a complete addict to the Naruto series (I’m still not over about its end by the way), of course I couldn’t miss the very much awaited Boruto: Naruto Next Generations!

Konoha is no longer what we used to know. It is filled with energy and peace thanks to the new generation of shinobis. Boruto – hokage‘s son – tries to be the opposite of his old dad and tries to follow his own unique path with his colleagues.

Despite the slow beginning, the show is starting to become more interesting with the appearing of villains and difficult lessons the kids have to face. Although it’s similar to the previous series, Boruto does have a unique take on its own, which will make you fall in love with each character and story.

If you’re into super powers and adventure, you should definitely give it a try.

Our rating: 7. 1

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Hope you end up watching any of these anime series and falling in love like I did. Let me know what you think of this selection down below, and share some other suggestions! See you 🙂




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