10 Tech Gift Ideas Your Family And Friends Will Love

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas

Here are the best Tech Gifts to surprise anyone this season!

Christmas is literally the most charming and beautiful season of the year. It’s when people seem to take a little more time into helping and giving to others, instead of just staring at their own bellies.

So Christmas is coming, but you know what that also means right? It means making sure everyone gets a cool gift to feel appreciated. Even that geek friend that is always up to the latest apps and tech, or your little sister that doesn’t want toys anymore.

To help you not stress out at this time of the year, here’s a list of 10 tech gift ideas to make you look cool on Christmas Eve!

Chrome Cast

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - Chrome Cast

Chrome Cast is the perfect gift for that geek friend. This small device allows you to cast anything from mobile devices and laptops to your TV screen in a simple way. Besides, it has a super sleek design. It’s time to watch Twitch streams, youtube or even play a favorite mobile game in the living room!

Price: $35

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HP Sprocket Photo Printer

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - HP Sprocket Photo Printer

If you know any photographer or Instagram lover think no further, this is the gift for them! The Sprocket Printer allows you to instantly print any picture from your smartphone in a small-medium sized frame. Perfect to rock some filters and create a cool wall decor.

Price: $129

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JBL Clip 2 Portable Speaker

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - JBL Clip 2 Speaker

We all know someone that bursts music everywhere (myself included). Be it eating, showering, at the grandma’s house… Return the favor and gift them a portable Bluetooth speaker with high quality sound. This one, for example, is great because you can clip it anywhere and not get worried about losing it on the way. An awesome gift!

Price: $60

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Eero Mesh Wifi System

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - Eero Mesh System.jpg

If you know someone who struggles with Wifi often, Eero is for them. You simply need to plug the device directly into the Modem and then plug additional ones in the areas you want to intensify your connection. After you set up your mesh system, the software is able to learn and adapt to your spaces which is pretty cool.
Price: $299

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Anker Astro E1 Portable Charger

Anker Power Bank

Although they became pretty popular, not everyone has a good funcional Power Bank in their handbags. Surprise any smartphone-addict with this quality model and help them survive at the most boring situations. It features great battery capacity and high-speed charging while being extremely compact.

Price: $18

More Info

Mi Band 2

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The Mi Band is great for those who want to stay healthy and active. This small fitness tracker is the perfect gift whether for your gym partner or your parents. An easy way to keep track of footsteps, calories and even heart rate, to serve as a little reminder of what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Besides you can configure certain apps to be notified on the run (calls and messages are always handy).

Price: $35

More info

Tile Anything Finder

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - Tile Anything Finder

Your aunt will never lose her keys again with this device. Tile is a small gadget that allows you to ring objects and track their location through a mobile App. Its elegant and small design really makes it a cool gift, and no one will even notice that’s a Bluetooth tracker. It can be attached to any wallet, keys or important items you don’t want to lose.

Price: $25

More Info

Google Home

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - Google Homet

For busy folks, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise them this Christmas. Google Home assistant allows users to play music, schedule events, send messages, set alarms, stream to a TV screen and a bunch of other things, with their voices. You can literally turn any house into a smart home with this small device. Plus, it looks like a stunning home decor piece.

Price: $129

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Nest Outdoor Smart Cam

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - Nest Outdoor Smartcam

We live in a dangerous world and aiming for home security is never too much. This neat outdoor camera allows you to track and spot unwanted visitors through a mobile app. You can set familiar faces, check your camera feed and even speak onto the app (whether if you have a message for your mailman or want to scare off a burglar). If you know someone who is always traveling, this might be a great option!

Price: $199

More info

Ear Piece Wireless White

10 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas - Ear Piece Wireless White

Minimalism is on trend right now and we all love a great pair of earphones. These ones from Happy Plugs are a great option for a woman in your life due to its elegant aesthetic and jewelry-inspired design. It features Bluetooth 4.1, microphone and remote options, and lasts a minimum of 5 hours music. The perfect combination between tech and fashion.

Price: $90

More Info

Hope you enjoyed this selection of tech gifts and found the perfect one for your family and friends. Let me know any other suggestions down below, and see you next time!



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