My Top 3 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto

My Top 3 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto

Although I’m a meat lover, these Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto really opened my eyes about this lifestyle!

Actually I’m glad I’m not a vegetarian because it’s so freaking hard to find a good place to eat out. Yet since I’m into discovering new healthy options (because hell yeah we include too much meat in our diets), I recently decided to try out real vegetarian food. And absolutely fell in love with these places.

I truly believe it’s time for society to understand the harsh reality about the food industry, especially when it comes to meat production. And you don’t necessary to become a vegetarian to help dealing with this problem, it’s simply necessary to go easy on your daily diet and try new options (they don’t suck at all! ).

So if you want to try some delicious veggies or a new lifestyle, here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Porto to do it!


My Top 3 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto - Essência

Address: Rua Pedro Hispano, 1190-1200, Ramalde, Porto

Average Price for two: 20€ lunch menu / 30€ dinner menu

Essência’s delicious cuisine literally almost turned me into a vegetarian the other day. We ordered their Mushroom Linguini, a Seitan steak and a chocolate cake for dessert, definitely not disappointed!

When you come in, you see this stunning contemporary room filled with red and white contrasts. The employees were very friendly and didn’t mind all the questions we made about the dishes. Besides, they always expressed a smile on their faces. A plus!

Not only Essência offers a wide variety of dishes, but also each presentation was amazing. You could literally smell the quality of the ingredients and combination of flavors!

Em Carne Viva

My Top 3 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto - Em Carne Viva

Address: Avenida da Boavista, 868, Boavista, Porto

Average Price for two: 20 € lunch / 40€ dinner menu

In Portuguese “Em Carne Viva” means Raw Meat, but don’t get scared, this is probably one of the finest vegetarian restaurants you will find in Porto.

Inside you find cozy Victorian decorations, elegant tableware, and magnificent pieces of art hanging from the ceiling…So don’t expect low prices on this one.

Perfect for a romantic dinner, Em Carne Viva screams signature cuisine and offers two tasting menus, filled with new takes on traditional Portuguese food. And also, a pretty suitable amount of individual vegetarian and vegan dishes.

We made sure to try their tasty Brigadier Mirandela and grilled Endive. Definitely check it out!

Da Terra

My Top 3 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Porto - Da Terra

Address: Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, 249, Baixa, Porto

Average price for two: 20€

Want to try a bunch of delicious vegetarian dishes for less than 10 bucks? Da Terra is your answer. Just make sure to bring cash tho, or you will end up a lunatic like me looking for the closest ATM machine.

This cozy buffet restaurant is perfect for those days you’re not sure what to eat. They offer a cool varied menu that changes every single day. And since all dishes look delicious, it will be pretty easy to just try them all.

I particularly enjoyed the Scandinavian decor which was filled with natural lighting and beautiful wooden seats. The attendants were also nice enough to guide me through my first experience there. Simply amazing!

Hope you end up trying these incredible restaurants, and I’m sure you will even convince that meat lover friend that always complains when you invite him/her for lunch.

Let me know down below if you visited any of these already, or share any other amazing suggestions. See you next time!




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