New Overwatch Hero Moira through the Eyes of a Beginner

New Overwatch Hero Moira through the Eyes of a Beginner

New Overwatch Hero Moira is so much easier and useful than I thought it would be.

I know I’m probably very late when it comes to reviewing the new Overwatch hero Moira, but I haven’t had the time to do it earlier…Sorry! But here I am after spending the last week trying the new support hero and absolutely carrying my team even though I’m the noobest of the noobs.

As an Overwatch beginner I actually thought I’d have much more problems dealing with this hero. I mean it’s not as easy as playing Lucio or Mercy, but it’s easy to understand her game style and spells after one or two games. Although the hardest for me is truly managing the positioning…and the freaking orbs.

Here are my thoughts on Moira‘s individual abilities, if you want to understand a little bit more about this hero through the eyes of a beginner.


Biotic Grasp

In addition to the fact that she runs like Naruto, Biotic Grasp is seriously the best thing Blizzard could ever design for Moira. Similar to Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony, it allows an easy switch between damage and healing, making it simple to react in a team fight.

Overwatch Moira Review - Biotic Grasp

About the healing I believe it is much more effective than Zenyatta and Lucio‘s although the range is small and linear. When you actually manage to hit, it restores any 80 hp per second, which is incredibly nice. A very effective direct heal that slightly underlines Mercy‘s due to its cooldown. The key is to use it only when there is actual critical damage input to an ally and not spam it all over.

And as if it wasn’t enough, her right hand fires a medium range beam weapon, similar to Symetria‘s. Meaning that you don’t need to be an expert at aiming since it’s an auto lock functionality. Besides it deals a pretty beneficial amount of damage that can easily kill squishy champions (focus on those). More balanced than that is just impossible guys.


Biotic Orb

The freaking orbs… Ok this is probably the hardest ability to master. These rebounding biotic spheres are definitely not recommended for open spaces and maps as you can probably tell. So keep that in mind when choosing Moira.

Overwatch Moira Review - Biotic Orb

Many players have been complaining about it and I seriously understand the rage. But let’s face it, it can be a pretty amazing ability when mastered. Just like her Biotic Grasp, you can choose between damage and heal, the only difference is that it has more area of effect and can hit several enemies and allies at once, which is awesome.

I cannot actually advise you guys much on this one because I barely get it right, but for what I’ve seen it’s essencial that you use it in a 1vs1 fight for example. Just aim it to the nearest wall and make it bounce towards you while you’re attacking the enemy. On a team fight, try to gather your enemies into a close space and boom. In terms of healing, try to be positioned in an area that allows great vision towards your team.

Aim for the floors and wall corners and practice a lot!



Moira’s fade jump is literally op in my opinion. I mean it not only allows you to teleport in a short distance but, similar to Reaper‘s, you’re sent into a different dimension and become immediately invulnerable to incoming damage.

Overwatch Moira Review - Fade Jumping

As a noob player who barely can keep its attention on the enemy’s combos and almost cries when an unexpected ulti comes out of nowhere, this ability really saves my ass a couple of times. Since you have a 6s cooldown you just need to be careful with the timing and use it whether to get close to a critical health teammate, or escape dangerous situations and ultimates.

I just really think it’s impossible to complain about Fade right now… it increases your mobility through maps and can be pretty handy in run or die scenarios. Even if it’s only active for 8 seconds. Just be quick.



Overwatch Moira Review - Coalescence

Her ultimate is heaven on earth for me. It is able to distinguish enemies from teammates on aim and deal damage and healing simultaneously. I mean what? You don’t even need to be worried about what to do. You just need to be positioned at the back, aim towards the team fight and make sure the beam is actually hitting everyone.

It’s a “healing ult that does damage” and not the other way around. People have been complaining about the lack of damage, but it’s actually enough to finish off the weakest heroes while restoring your team’s HP.

Coalescence heals 140 hp per second to allies, 50 hp per second on self-regeneration and even deals 70 dmg per second on a 30 meters range. I mean can you even be more useful than that?

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Hope you enjoyed this Moira review and it helped you understand the hero a little bit better. Let me know what you think of her down below and of course, share some amazing tips!




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