Here are the Best Wallpaper Apps To Transform Your Android

Here are the Best Wallpaper Apps To Transform Your Android

Look no further into the depths of Play store, these are the Best Wallpaper Apps out there.

It’s funny that I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind having its room messy and unorganized, but when it comes to my smartphone…oh hell no. A misplaced icon on my homescreen can literally turn into a 2-hour experience browsing for new wallpapers and icon packs. Weird? Maybe. But I don’t mind, it’s super fun!

A smartphone is a pretty important device, after all you carry it literally everywhere. So why not take good care of it and make it look amazing with the best wallpapers out there?

And although there are plenty of options at the Play store, it’s not easy to select the best ones. After trying at least 20 throughout my life, here are my favorite free wallpaper apps I advise you to check out.


Here are the Best Wallpaper Apps To Transform Your Android - Backdrops

I’m a huge fan of Backdrops. I have used it several times now and what I particularly love about it is its smooth and easy interface. When you sign in you have 5 different options at the main menu, which allow you to explore new wallpapers, collections, and access your favorites screen.

You can choose from 14 different categories and when you finally decide which wallpaper you’d like to add, you have three different options: save to your device, add to your favorites or set immediately to your homescreen (no cropping and editing allowed tho).

If you sign in with Google you can also synchronize wallpapers across devices which is pretty cool, and with the pro version you can access exclusive ones. They have a bunch of amazing photography, minimalist and material designs that apply pretty nicely on the screen with just one click.

Main features: favorites, downloads, quick apply, explore and premium collections.

Play Store


Wallrox App

Wallrox is especially for those who love material, patterned and gradient wallpapers. It has an incredibly large collection with 25 categories and 829 wallpapers to be exact (and no I didn’t count them by hand), all designed in 3200x2560px.

I particularly like that, at the wallpaper preview, you can swipe to see the whole image in detail, as well as apply quickly, or crop it to your taste to fit your screen better (which backdrops doesn’t allow to). It also gives you a download option.

In terms of interface it allows you to edit the grid up to 3 columns to make it easier to check all the images available. I use Wallrox whenever I’m looking for a colorful, minimalist wallpaper and it literally never disappoints me.

Main features: downloads, quick apply, cropping and grid settings.

Play store


Here are the Best Wallpaper Apps To Transform Your Android- Wallpapers by Google

If you’re looking for cool, hd, realistic wallpapers I definitely recommend you to try Wallpapers by Google. It might not have as many categories and options as the apps above, but it’s still one of my favorites.

On a single screen you can access 10 different categories and export wallpapers from your own files. It also recognizes other wallpaper apps you have on your device and give you direct entry to them (pretty unique).

What I love most about it is its intuitive interface and the one-click wallpaper application, that seems to apply better on the screen than most apps I’ve tried. Besides, it features a daily background image option (and you never have to worry about this again) and dynamic wallpapers.

I mean do you even need more reasons?

Main features: quick apply, daily background image and dynamic wallpapers.

Play store


Here are the Best Wallpaper Apps To Transform Your Android - Wonderwall

If you’re into tumblr-like photographs, Wonderwall is the perfect app for you. It features a clean layout and a great variety of beautiful wallpapers from 9 different categories, that are mainly nature and urban images.

This app is incredible because first, you can set the images not only as backgrounds but contact images. Second, you can find plenty of information about the photography and the camera used (perfect for those who actually understand photography). Third, you never lose track of your previous set wallpapers because of its history feature!

Above all that, Wonderwall even provides users the opportunity to submit their work through the app and its collections are updated on a daily basis. It also includes an auto set feature and favorites option. Absolutely worth to check out.

Main features: autoset, history, favorites, submissions, camera info, quick apply and daily updates.

Play Store

Hope you’re ready to transform your android with these apps, and make sure to brag to your friends about it. Thank you so much for reading and see you next time!




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