“Black Mirror”: why you should be watching this dark science fiction tv show

"Black Mirror": why you should be watching this dark science fiction tv show

Black Mirror is so damn good it will make you want to throw your smartphone into a bucket of gasoline and set it on fire.

Like the image suggests, Black Mirror presents a dark reflection of our tech-obsessed society, always on the palm of our hand. Created in 2011 by Channel 4, this brilliant dark science fiction TV series was kept underground for years, only known by a small amount of fans and conspiracy enthusiasts. In 2016, the tv show was bought by Netflix and boom! It became a must-see show worldwide!

"Black Mirror": why you should be watching this dark science fiction tv show

So, today, I give you 5 reasons why you should invest your time in one of the best series ever made (at least in my humble opinion).

1 – It’s so dark and twisted

Cause you’re so dark, babe But I want you hard ” – Arctic Monkeys

These lyrics by Arctic Monkeys would definitely fit in on this show! Some episodes will make you cry your heart out, others will shock and scare you, others will make you uncomfortable and disgusted in a visceral way, others will give up a glance of hope, only to give you a punch to the gut with plot twists in the end.

After all, you’ll just want to turn off your phone, delete your accounts and go deeply in the woods, away from technology and civilization.

"Black Mirror": why you should be watching this dark science fiction tv show

2 – It’s  “10 minutes from now”

The whole series presents different versions of our world, showing us possible consequences of technology development, our addiction to it and where it could all lead us. Nowadays, technology is developing on high-speed, so the possible futures presented in the episodes become really unsettling because they literally feel like “10 minutes from now”. Charlie Brooker, creator of the show commented:

“If technology is a drug – and it does feel like a drug – then what, precisely, are the side effects?”

3- There’s no order to watch

Each episode tells a story of their own! Unlike other famous tv series, Black Mirror episodes are self-contained stories, so feel free to watch in any order you want. Each episode is an independent story, a possible reality. Not even the actors are repeated between episodes, so it feels like mini-movies. So if you don’t find the time to watch them all, you could just pick one and get started!

"Black Mirror": why you should be watching this dark science fiction tv show

4-  It’s so much more

One piece of advice: when you finish one episode, stop. Stop for 10 minutes and organize your thoughts.  Think about what you just watched and let it sink. Why? Because they are so much more than disturbing stories! The more you think about one episode of Black Mirror the more profound it becomes. They are a satirical intriguing critiques, intelligent real observations of the technology development and the future of morality, human rights, social media identities, and privacy.

5- It sticks with you

Black Mirror‘s episodes aren’t anything if not twisted. But the more unsettling is how some of them are so realistic that can/could happen right now! Episodes like “Shut up and Dance” and “The National Anthem” are so disturbing and unsettling to watch exactly because they could happen today, to any one, and there is nothing we could do about it! Although every episode transmits one message about the way things are going and how badly we’re screwing everything up, it doesn’t offer any solutions – only awareness.

"Black Mirror": why you should be watching this dark science fiction tv show

So, this dark sci-fi anthology series explores a twisted, high-tech near-future where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide! Should we be scared or at least be aware of the development of technology? What do you think?

Like they say “The future is bright” – at least after you ID touch your black mirror.


In case you watch Black Mirror, let me know what you think and share what’s your favorite scene in the whole show, I’d love to know!

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