This is Where to Have the Best Brunches in Porto

This is Where to Have the Best Brunches in Porto - Zenith

These are what I consider to be the Best Brunches in Porto. Have you tried any?

“Brunch” is still an alien word among many Portuguese, yet with the rising of tourism (especially in Porto) local coffees and bars are adopting this considerably new meal with delicious menus and buffets. You won’t probably find specific brunch coffees in every corner of the city but there are plenty of places that serve it. So don’t be sad my friend.

I recently decided to try this new “trend”, and ended up realizing why the Brits love it so much. I mean if you just happened to sleep until late morning you might as well eat a brunch instead of two meals in a row. Right? Pretty practical for lazy folks like myself that don’t like to cook twice! Besides, it’s so delicious and nurturing.

So if you want to try the best brunches in Porto, you might as well start with these places.


Good afternoon 😍 #brunch #foodie #avocadotoast #veggies

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Address: Rua do Carmo, 11/12, Baixa, Porto

Average Price: 12€

NOSHI is the one place you want to go if you’re looking for healthier, vegan and sugar-free options. The space is beautifully decorated with a minimal white-wooden pallet and plenty of greenery, which makes it very cozy and pleasant.

The food is absolutely delicious and perfectly seasoned. You can feel the explosion of flavors right away and the fresh ingredients they use. Their menu includes a wide variety of brunch dishes including toasts, pancakes, croissants, yogurt and açai bowls.

We tried their amazing sugar-free cheesecake, multi-seed croissants and of course their avocado toast. We absolutely loved it and will definitely keep coming back. Healthy and delicious food with an affordable price…What’s more to ask?

Our rating: 4.7


Recuperando energias 🍳

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Address: Praça de Carlos Alberto, 86, Baixa, Porto 4050-058

Average Price: 25€

Zenith is considered to be the number one brunch in the city right now. Therefore, be prepared for the never-ending queues or make sure to schedule a table the day before. But when you actually have a table, it’s one of the most delicious brunches you will ever taste!

The space is filled with industrial vibes and a few interesting details and they also have an outdoors space which is nice. Their menu has impressive dishes and even includes protein shakes and homemade granola.

I absolutely love their dishes, but don’t expect low calories because they are pretty heavy. Perfect to get your energy back in a few minutes tho. Make sure to try their eggs zenith and mix berries pancake!

Our rating: 4,4

The Bird

Real love is getting fat together. 😂

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Address: Rua da Agra, 143, Foz, Porto

Average price: 12 € lunch, 17€ dinner

This little cozy place called The Bird is located near the beach and has the most adorable decoration! It makes us feel like home right away or drinking tea with Alice in wonderland.

They have this beautiful terrace which is surrounded by greenery, allowing privacy to customers, while the interior is filled with handmade bird cages and pretty vases.

Literally everything you try will turn out to be delicious. Their specialty is tea so make sure to try a few as well.

Their brunch menu often includes bacon scrambled eggs, cakes, brochettes and tapas. We particularly enjoyed their Alioli toast and the scones are literally the best in the world. Make sure to try out!

Our rating: 4

Amarelo Torrada

Address: Rua de José Falcão, 29, Baixa, Porto

Average Price: 11€

Amarelo Torrado‘s slogan is literally “the best toasts in Baixa” and I simply couldn’t agree more. If you love to eat delicious sandwiches and toasts this is the place for you. Just be careful because since they are a small business, they sometimes run out of bread.

Although they don’t have any specific Brunch menu like the ones above, this is a great place to start your day and they have a bunch of options that could work perfectly as one. Including toasts, scones, cakes and plenty of amazing Crostadas.

The space is sophisticated and elegantly designed… The attendance is very nice…Definitely a place to have pleasant conversations with friends and family, while enjoying delicious warm drinks and a crunchy toast.

Our rating: 3,8

Maria Bola

We visited a cute place today 😄

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Address: Rua de Cedofeita, 516, Cedofeita, Porto

Average Price: 8€

I have to admit I only had the chance to visit Maria Bola once but it was enough to realize that their food is absolutely delicious!

Their buffet brunch menu includes different varieties of bread, yogurt, granola, fruit, cakes and of course traditional Bôlas, which are basically bread filled with different meats, ham and cheese.

The space is literally out of this world with its cool patterns and comfy seats. The attendant was very nice and made sure to help us with our doubts. I recommend you to try their natural juices and pastry, AMAZING!

Our rating: 3,6

Hope this little guide will help you find your way onto the best brunches in porto and get you powered up for the rest of the day.

Share your experience down below if you visited any of these places already, or let us know new ones, I’d love to check them out!




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