5 Things To Do when it’s Cold Outside

5 Things To Do when it's Cold Outside

Get yourselves prepared because Winter is Coming. Here are 5 things to do when it’s cold outside and you’re stuck at home!

Here we are in the middle of November, approaching Winter so fast like time itself doesn’t exist. And for extroverts like me, who’d rather die than staying home it becomes kind of difficult to not hibernate until Spring comes back.

Not that I hate Winter I love it actually, but I hate staying home. And sometimes when it’s very cold and rainy it just doesn’t feel like the best option to get out of my small cozy apartment. Just imagine if I wasn’t living in the south, Mediterranean Europe tho.

“Winter is coming, we know what’s coming with it.” – Jon Snow

So if you’re like me and need a few reminders that it isn’t the end of the world, here are 5 things to do when it’s cold outside!

Prepare a delicious warm drink

5 Things To Do when it's Cold Outside - Prepare a warm drink
Image Source: Call me Cupcake

Cold days ask for a warm drink. There’s literally no better romance in this world. Whether you like hot chocolate, a cappuccino or a chamomile tea (guilty here!), spoil yourself with a delicious treat to follow and enjoy it with a cozy blanket around your feet.

There’s literally no excuse because they are so easy to prepare and incredibly pleasant when staring at the rain from your living room window. Stop depressing and enjoy the little things.


Play your favorite Video Game

5 Things To Do when it's Cold Outside -Play your favorite video game

And no you don’t need to be an hardcore gamer for this one. I mean everyone has a video game that enjoys playing, be it Sims, Fifa, League of Legends, Overwatch, or even fun online quizzes, search for anything you like.

Video games are perfect when you’re feeling stressed out or overthinking (which happens a lot when you’re stuck at home), because they make you concentrated, entertain you, and are a great way to meet people from all around the world online. You will even’t notice the day pass by. Believe me.


Watch that movie you never had the time to

5 Things To Do when it's Cold Outside - Watch a movie
Image Source: Pinterest

Remember that movie your friend told you about last century? This is the perfect opportunity to watch it. I mean if you’re just going to stay home you might as well just enjoy the free time you have, to do the things you never have the time to do (makes sense right?).

You want to see the Season 2 of Stranger things? Do it. Want to see an horror movie? Do it. It’s too cold outside anyway.

Make sure to invite a few friends over for even a better time.


Read or Write something

5 Things To Do when it's Cold Outside - Read or Write
Image Source: Mind of Stardust tumblr

If you happen to have a blog, enjoy your spare time writing a new article or noting down a few ideas for the next week. Listen to some music, get inspired by the world outside and be productive. Your brain will thank you.

The same goes for reading, the best way to spend your time is learning, whether is it about life, self-love or science-fiction, you always learn something new through books and end up feeling anything but bored.


Learn something new

5 Things To Do when it's Cold Outside - learn something new
Image Source: Cate St Hill

As I was saying, learning is literally the best way to cure boredom, and sometimes even depression. Humans have this incredible need to feel worthy and useful, and when you’re learning or practicing a skill you get this feeling that you’re going to do something for the world and others around you.

Take that Design online course  you always wanted, learn a new language, take yourself on new challenges, staying home won’t feel like a nightmare anymore.


What about you? What do you do when you’re stuck at home? Let me know down below and share even more amazing ideas. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this article and got the inspiration you needed!


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