Indie Music Artists I have been Listening and Loving Lately

Underground Indie Music Artists I have been Listening and Loving Lately - Homeshake

If you love Electronic, Chill Wave and Indie music you will probably love these guys.

We all know how music influences our well-being and triggers creativity, and according to researches, it can also dictate a few personality traits. So how to live without it right?

If you’re sick of listening to the same music artists all over again and need some completely different vibes to get you going with life or that boring trip to the office, today you will thank me friend.

First of all, let me simply warn you that I’m really into that kind of music that turns your brain into a psychedelic “shaking your neurons out” state. And the only time I can really achieve this kind of paradise is when listening to electronic, chill wave, alternative R&B and Indie rock/pop. So if you’re like me, you should definitely keep on reading!



Underground Indie Music Artists I have been Listening and Loving Lately - Fantasy guys

I discovered Fantasy Guys last month and it was probably the best thing that could happen to me this year. This Atlanta-based electronic band combines chill wave instrumentals and relaxing tones, which literally take you to a tropical paradise.

Their album On Poppy Island somehow makes me feel like I’m the star of a video game with its energizing pop soundtracks, sunny guitars and jazzy flutes. On the other hand, “Surfin on a wave of juice is slightly more harmonious and slow, but still a masterpiece with incredible keyboard beats.

Fantasy Guys make music for people that want to relax and have fun, that’s simply how I see them. And to be honest, their band name couldn’t be better. If you love instrumentals, definitely recommend you to check out!



Underground Indie Music Artists I have been Listening and Loving Lately - Blood Orange

If you’re looking for  alternative r&b and Indie pop, you need to know the name Blood Orange. Definitely the opposite of Fantasy Guys tho!

New York city artist, Devonté Hynes is all about revolutionary lyrics which address several of society’s most debated issues, including racism, gender identity, sexuality and feminism. To that, he adds alternative instrumentals with a sprinkle of soul and jazz influences, creating magnificent pieces of art.

His Freetown Sound, launched at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement two years ago, is a heart-spoken, powerful album with a great variety of styles, personal stories and striking collaborations.

The previous albums Cupid Delux and Coastal Grooves are the definition of underground music with even better new wave tracks.



Underground Indie Music Artists I have been Listening and Loving Lately - Homeshake

Former guitarist for Mac Demarco‘s live band, Peter Sagar came up with this amazing solo musical project called Homeshake to introduce the world a whole new dimension of smooth soul and synth pop.

Seductive beats, refreshing vocals and melancholic vibes that make us think about our love life. The architecture of his music screams chill wave and features what we could say a “stoned relaxing feeling”.

His newest album Fresh Air reflects pleasant guitars, smooth r&b inspirations, echos and a monotone singing voice. The previous albums “In the shower” and “Midnight Snack” feature similar concepts yet are slightly more towards indie rock and groovy instruments. Definitely give it a try!



Underground Indie Music Artists I have been Listening and Loving Lately - Enjoy

I literally discovered Enjoy last week so I still didn’t explore all albums enough to be an expert about it. But it was enough to realize that their sound is incredibly unique and captivating.

Wyatt Shears is the mastermind behind this alternative indie rock band. Inspired by the old-school acoustic he creates cool, energetic vibes with groovy guitars, dope bass and rhythmic drums. If you like old-school rock, you will definitely love ENJOY. And his voice is literally the best thing I have ever heard.

As I was telling you, I didn’t have enough time to explore the band fully, but I have to say that his album Another Word for Joy is by far one of my favorite of all the above. At the moment, the tracks I love most are: What it takes, Two extra Pumps of Bliss and Geography.

Seriously, you need to check them out. You can thank me later!


Hope you enjoyed this selection of underground Indie music artists and found what you have been looking for. Let me know what you think down below and share any other talented artists you know! 🙂




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