Stranger Things Season 2: the Goods and the Bads

Stranger Things Season 2: the Goods and the Bads

I honestly think Stranger Things Season 2 could have been better. Don’t hate me.

Yesterday I literally spent my evening watching the last episodes of Stranger Things Season 2, and after all the excitement and tears (because I literally get overwhelmed by everything), I decided to let you know my thoughts on the Netflix series.

Before I start, I just really have to say that launching the new season on Halloween was beyond genius, and the perfect opportunity for fans to have a great holiday, especially those who wanted to chill at home. So thanks Netflix!

And although Stranger Things is by far one of my favorite shows with its unique combo between horror, mystery, fantasy and comedy, I believe this season needed a few improvements of its own.

Don’t start hating me yet I have my reasons!

It might contain spoilers by the way.



#1 – Hopper & Eleven

Although Hopper is many times seen as the ultimate asshole, considering the conditions and how unsafe Eleven actually is (because in case you forgot the lab is still running searches for her), I can only say that he had the most impressive character development in the whole season.

Stranger Things Season 2 Eleven

An unstable yet beautiful father-daughter relationship starts growing between these two, a chemistry we haven’t seen before in the last season. For the first time, Eleven is able to have a home of her own and be taken care of like a normal child. With rules and all, even if she can throw things with her mind.

Stranger Things Season 2 - Hopper

Hopper tries his best to make her happy, although he gets lost with all the work, forgets to be on time for dinner and doesn’t keep promises… he tries to be a supportive figure and wants to protect her at all cost. By far, my ultimate favorite scenes this season (let’s not forget that badass fight).


#2 – Bro Steve

We all know Steve had a major improvement since last season yet I can’t get enough of how bro and cool he actually became. I seriously felt really sorry for him when Stacey told that she doesn’t love him, because he was really trying to get the relationship going.

Stranger Things Season 2 Steve

Steve is no longer the King at the school, he doesn’t bully, he doesn’t want to show off, he is now pretty helpful for the kids, and even gives advises on how to look handsome to Dustin (where I absolutely awwed).

And let’s admit it was really satisfying to see, (although for just 2 seconds) he kicking Billy’s ass. You go Steve!


#3 Max and Billy

The toxic and dramatic brother-sister relationship between the new characters Max and Billy provided a few interesting and shocking scenes this season. Every show needs a jackass, but I never thought someone could be so evil and hateful in Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 2 Max and Billy

Max is a nerd gamer girl that doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone at school, breaking all standards of a teenage girly girl in the 80’s (you go mad max!). Billy is the typical douche bag, with an aggressive bully attitude that takes onto his little sister.

Mad rocker music, mad car, mad styles and a chaotic tension and fear that one feels when Billy waits for her little sister after school… beyond perfect.


#4 Super-Hero Bob

Stranger Things Season 2 Bob

At first I thought Bob would be that typical “mom’s boyfriend we all hate” but he ended up being one of my favorite characters this season. Trustworthy, nerdy, caring and although he is the only  normal person in the whole series, he proved to be pretty brave at the end (I still can’t get over by the way).

His only interest was to help Joyce and get along with the kids. With his terrible sense of humor, annoying teenage love and kind heart, Bob really gave something new to this season.



#1 – Love Triangle Stacey & Jonathan

Stranger Things Season 2 Stacey and Jonathan

I think this season focused a little too much on the love triangle between Stacey, Jonathan and Steven. This is by far the last thing I want to care about in Stranger Things and it becomes kind of boring.

Last season was enough to realize that Stacey and Jonathan were in love, why not just make that clear from the beginning and design better scenes with more relevant outcomes? I love each character but I just think it wasn’t important the romance sometimes (sorry!)

#2 –  Weak Villain

Stranger Things Season 2 villain

When I first saw this huge creature in the upside down I thought ok: everything is lost this is the end of the world. Then all it does is killing a few pumpkins and possess Will to become a spy? Maaaan I don’t know but it could have been different and a lot scarier.

Besides, this creature wants world domination and only takes like 2 minutes for Eleven to close the gate? You see what I mean?

#3 – Friendly lab workers?

Stranger Things Season 2 Owens Doc

Last season everyone was scared of that freaking lab, they were heartless science-focused bastards who don’t hesitate on taking one’s life. Suddenly the Doc becomes worried about Will getting burned and is willing to risk his own life for them?

I mean it was cool, we all love good guys but maybe if the story turned out to be different and added a little bit more drama… it might have been much better (Papa deserved a better substitute).

SCORE: 8.5

Above all the bads, Stranger Things Season 2 was still pretty amazing and entertaining to watch. Incredible cinematographic effects, beautiful sound track and plenty of emotion, although slightly less scary than the first.

What do you think about this season? What are your favorite scenes? Let me know down below, I’d love to know your opinion!


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