5 Tips to Improve your Performance in Overwatch Competitive

If you’re looking to improve your gameplay and climb higher in Overwatch Competitive you should read this!


Hi guys!

My name is MrsVulgrim, I play Overwatch and I’m currently high Diamond/low Master. Today I decided to share with you how I managed to get where I am, so here are 5 tips that hopefully will help you improve your performance as a player in Overwatch Competitive.

1st Tip – Having a positive attitude


When I started playing Overwatch I used to be upset every time I lost a game, which resulted in me constantly taking my negativity from previous games into my next games and since I really don’t like losing, my attitude had to change.

You should enter every game with a positive attitude even though sometimes might be hard (because you’re in a losing streak or because your current team is 5 dps’s), but being positive is generally a good thing, no one likes to play with toxic people. Make sure you don’t flame when something goes wrong but congratulate teammates on their good plays. This prevents people from sabotaging your game and start playing for the win.

2nd Tip – Being flexible


When playing squad-based games you must understand that you won’t always get the role/hero you want. When that happens, you should be able to play at least one hero of each role because sometimes you will have to fill and play whatever the team needs in order to win.

My main role is Support (Mercy, Ana and Zen are the ones I play the most) yet, I’m not an OTP (One Trick Pony) which means I’m not going to just play the only role/hero I main. I’m able to play other roles and heroes, for instance, when my team needs a tank, I usually play D.va or Orisa (I think they’re fun, strong, and quite easy to play), if what we need is a Dps (Damage Per Second) I usually go for Pharah, Soldier:76 or Tracer ( they’re completely different from each other, but they’re the ones I actually play best with and really enjoy playing!).

3rd Tip – Practicing before queueing in Competitive


Competitive is available since lvl 25, but I strongly recommend you practice a bit more. Since Overwatch has 4 roles and 25 heroes you’ll need to learn the mechanics of some of those roles and heroes. Which takes a lot of time to master and really know what they’re capable of.

You can practice by playing Quick Play, doing the Arcade, playing on the Practice Range or even by watching Streams until you feel comfortable enough to join Competitive.

In my case, to improve my gameplay I love playing Arcade – Mystery Heroes and watching Streamers like TSM Calvin (aimbotcalvin), Kephrii and TSM Gale Adelade.

4th Tip – Joining Team Chat


When queueing for Competitive you need to have in mind that communication is the key to success and the best way to communicate with your teammates is to join Voice Chat. Talking is easier than writing and doesn’t make you stop playing. You can call out everything that’s happening, like calling flankers, requesting heal or even asking for the ultimate status to start a fight. In case you have a toxic player disrespecting you or your teammates make sure you mute/block/report them at the end of the game.

 5th Tip – Having fun


I think the most important thing about playing any online game is playing with friends and having fun! If that’s not happening just go relax for a while. Whenever I’m bored I just go do something else like watching a movie, listen to music, playing some Hearthstone, or whatever it takes to enjoy myself.

These changes made me improve my gameplay and be able to climb higher in the ladder in Competitive. I hope these Overwatch Tips help you as much as they helped me. See you next time!

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