My thoughts on Blade Runner 2049

My thoughts on Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 might just be what we consider a new generation of Sci-Fi.

Since everyone has been freaking out about Blade Runner 2049 I finally decided to head to the theaters and watch the god damn movie this week. And to be honest, it was much better than what I expected! Let me explain folks.

I’m not the kind of person that fixates on IMDB scores and expert critics because most of the time they exaggerate a little bit. Besides, what could be that exciting in a movie about robots and post-apocalyptic scenery? Isn’t that something we all are used to watch?

With this in mind, I really didn’t have many expectations about Blade Runner and now I admit: I was pretty wrong.

The story starts with Officer K, played by Ryan Gosling, visiting a cabin in the middle of nowhere in search for renegade androids, when he is confronted by Sapper Morton, who we know by Dave Bautista.

This encounter sure was the trigger for the replicant, a new quicker model responsible with a job humans cannot do, to start a investigation as an LAPD officer following Lieutenant Joshi‘s orders, played by Robin Wright.

Officer K and Joi

K is treated with disrespect, he is called a “skinner” and looked down by most humans. He lives a quite unfortunate life sharing a minuscule flat with his beloved partner, Joi, who happens to be a VR girlfirend  and a much better version of the one found in the movie Her.

The cast was sure not disappointing in this movie. Millionaire and creator of the new intelligent versions, Wallace is interpreted by Jared Leto, who I thought did a great performance and Deckard, who triggered a reproductive evolution among the androids, is played by the one and only Harrinson Ford.

Blade Runner 2049 review

Throughout the movie it’s impossible not to be amazed by delusional  landscapes and lighting effects. Authentic hallucinatory visuals that showcase a whole new concept of capitalism, where countless new advertising technologies build the LA’s landscape and new realities go from an endless junkyard Las Vegas to a red light desert and child labor orphanages.

Blade Runner showcases a society where empathy seems no longer a typical human emotion, where pornography is considered art and nothing seems to be real anymore.

Apart from the lack of a strong emotional story, which I thought would make me bow after the end, it’s a delightful movie filled with beautiful scenes, action and a few interesting plot twists.

Rating: 7,5

Hope you enjoyed this small Blade Runner 2049 review! Let me know if you watched the movie and what are your thoughts on it. 🙂




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