Mobile Apps I Seriously Can’t Live Without

Mobile Apps I Seriously Can't Live Without VSCO

There’s no way I could spend a day without these mobile apps. If I do spend, the world is probably ending.

Nowadays is almost impossible to get through life without a smartphone. And although I really hate to go out with friends that are constantly with their eyes on the screen, often I find myself needing this machine for almost every purpose of my existence. There are literally mobile apps for everything, but there are only a few ones I can’t live without.

As someone who has been dating an Android Developer it also becomes pretty easy to solve problems with new technologies and that’s something I have become used to. So if you want to try new android apps or simply keep the hell out of your life together, this article is for you.



Mobile Apps I Seriously Can't Live Without Money Lover

I’ve always been pretty terrible at handling and saving money yet since Money Lover has come into my life, I can easily keep track on my incomes and expenses pretty effectively.

Money Lover allows users to input each transaction and separate them into different categories, which can be personalized to fit your lifestyle better. This app provides a simple layout where you can easily understand your inflow, outflow and where the hell your money went through interactive reports.

After using it for a while now, it has become a routine to note down my expenses every time I purchase something. This not only allows a better perception of how much money I have, but also enables to understand where I actually should spend less.

Besides it allows you to plan new budgets for the future, add notes, remind you of upcoming bills and even export to excel. What’s more to ask?

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Mobile Apps I Seriously Can't Live Without VSCO

If you’re an Instagram junkie like myself you just know that it’s important to have your pictures looking fly and stunning. And above all the 104821 editing apps I’ve tried, VSCO cam became number one in my life.

Not because of their user experience (which literally looks like from another planet and took a while to get used to), but because of its simple yet beautiful filter collection.

The moment you upload a photo you immerse into this 10 filter pallet (using the free version of course) that resembles this vintage and old-school cinema vibe. VSCO allows you to regulate the intensity of its filters as well as crop, editing contrasts and so on. I often use C1 and P5, and my photos always end up more artistic and awesome. Definitely give it a shot.

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Mobile Apps I Seriously Can't Live Without Splitwise

If you’re sharing a flat with several people or simply with your partner, you know sometimes it’s difficult to split bills efficiently without having someone disagreeing with you . Splitwise will be your hero believe me.

I actually started using at my previous flat in request of my  flatmates and I still use it now. This app allows you to create a group with your friends where you can all note each expense and select the splitting percentage.

You can also add a description and comments to each transaction and note when you’ve paid your debts and who’s missing. They do all the maths for free… simply handy.

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Mobile Apps I Seriously Can't Live Without Zomato

There’s nothing more important in this world than sharing great food with the people you love. And if you happen to be a bad cook this might just save your life and a few romantic dates.

Zomato is by far one of the best apps out there when it comes to finding new restaurants and bars. An authentic social platform with plenty of options to choose from and amazing user reviews. You select the location, type of cuisine, rating and price range and you’re good to go.

In a restaurant’s profile you can also check the menus, the schedule and even make a reservation right away. Also take a peek at the restaurant’s pictures and dishes. Perfect for foodies and super easy to use!

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Mobile Apps I Seriously Can't Live Without MOOVIT

If you often use public transportation you know how hard it is to find a good online platform with all the schedules and lines. MOOVIT is a great app to use if you’re constantly on the run and want to catch the next bus.

You can set your favorite locations so it can be easier to check out later, as well as get the fastest routes for your destination. You can also set the departure or arrival time so it suits your needs better.

The app features a clean intuitive layout that enables users to see the closest stations for buses, metros or even trains and all the schedules. You will never get lost again.

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Mobile Apps I Seriously Can't Live Without Tv Time.png

Do you want to keep track of your favorite shows and find new ones without bumping into spoilers? Tv Time will be your new best friend. I have been using it a lot lately to follow my usual anime series and I’m really not disappointed.

This app allows you to follow whatever show you’re watching and even notifies you when there’s a new episode available. Every time you finish an episode you can rate it and see other fans’ reactions (which can be pretty funny sometimes).

It’s an amazing app to find out new series as well as keep track of where you stopped watching.  Especially with autumn coming, it sure will be handy!

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Hope this little selection turns out useful in your life! Let me know any other apps you have tried and absolutely love down below, i’d love to check them out. See ya!


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