Inspiring Fashion & Beauty Youtubers To Check Right Now

Inspiring Fashion & Beauty Youtubers To Follow Right Now Chriselle Lim

If you want to look bomb next season you might want to start following these Fashion & beauty youtubers!

Although looks might not be the most important thing in one’s life, it sure matters when it comes to building healthy relationships with yourself and the world. I feel like beauty and fashion is not really about looking perfect but about bringing your best self and feel comfortable in your own skin.

I recently started following a few fashion and beauty youtubers (not that I can actually copy their tutorials) who really inspire me to keep an effort everyday and try different styles on my way to work or a coffee with friends.  Empowering my confidence basically.

And of course everyone likes wearing different things, and that’s something we should be proud of. Our differences and unique personalities.. so you might not enjoy this selection as much as I do but here it goes!


Chriselle Lim

Inspiring Fashion & Beauty Youtubers To Follow Right Now Chriselle Lim

Chriselle is an inspiring, hardworking mother and fashion youtuber who puts every attention to detail in her videos. A classy and feminine woman who is not afraid to put her emotions out there and share her beautiful yet stressful life with viewers.

Her genuine personality is transmitted through her vlogs, where she showcases her journeys in the fashion industry, as well as stylish look books and makeup tips. Due to her outstanding experience in this field, every tip she gives is seriously the way to a heavenly beautiful look.

She is the kind of woman I want to be in the future. Truly recommend!

Channel Here


Hitomi Mochizuki

Inspiring Fashion & Beauty Youtubers To Follow Right Now Hitomi Mochizuki

I literally just started following Hitomi this month and absolutely got addicted to her channel. She is by far one of the most inspiring and empowering youtube vloggers out there, and no I’m not exaggerating.

Hitomi is a spiritual being, she values nature and connecting with the world. She has a fascinating way of living, which includes meditation, exercising , veganism, accepting your sexuality and enjoying the little things. Her channel has pretty varied content which can literally go from workout videos to look books.

I included in this list because she sees beauty from a different perspective and encourages self love and nourishing. A must!

Channel Here


Kallie Kaiser

Inspiring Fashion & Beauty Youtubers To Follow Right Now Kallie Kaiser

Kallie has this unique fashion sense which addresses her personality pretty well. I absolutely love her videos simply because they are entertaining to watch. I think she is a pretty funny human being that can make any content 100 times more interesting, and you will quickly get hooked.

In her channel she often rocks a few bolder outfits and colorful make up looks. Her style is the perfect combination between daring, modern, minimalist and classy and manages to inspire different  types of viewers.

She also vlogs in the most amazing places and hotels which truly makes me want to work harder in life. LOVE HER!

Channel here



Inspiring Fashion & Beauty Youtubers To Follow Right Now Q2HAN

Literally two weeks ago I discovered Q2HAN channel and instantly fell in love. This channel is made by two incredible Korean twin sisters who are passionate about fashion and beauty. Each one of them has this unique fashion sense and funny personality which make the videos pretty interesting to watch.

They are often invited by several Korean and international brand’s events and the best part is, they take their viewers with them. They vlog a lot, and showcase pretty cool makeup products.

I truly like their fashion sense and fun lifestyle. AND THEY ARE SO CUTE. If you’re a fan of Korean fashion, here it is friend.

Channel here


Nikkie Tutorials

Inspiring Fashion & Beauty Youtubers To Follow Right Now Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie is the queen of all youtube beauty gurus. The ultimate makeup artist that you should follow and require to no matter what situation in your life. Not only is she very talented and can create any look, she can also dominate any beauty challenge her viewers put her through.

She has this super funny personality and explains every process and every brand she is using. She also does reviews on some crazy products and makeup trends which is very entertaining.

I love her channel yet I will never be able to recreate any of her looks no matter how much I try!

Channel here


Hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for and get ready for the upcoming season with their amazing looks and tips. If you have any other suggestions please let me know down below, just because I have no life.





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