Best Overwatch heroes for Beginners

Best Overwatch heroes for Beginners

Here are the best Overwatch heroes to learn and master the basics!

So recently I decided to follow the Overwatch vibe that has been going on and ended up being completely addicted to it. Although this is my very first time playing online first person shooter games I actually managed to play well with a few of the heroes that are available, and thought you could need a hint too.

If you’re a noob like me and want to survive there of course.

In my opinion Blizzard did a pretty great job in Overwatch and was able to redefine first person shooter mode in an innovative way. The fact that each hero has an unique story and particular spells seems to be getting attention from different types of gamers around the world. Especially LoL players like myself.

A true combination between strategy, team play with a spark of magic! In Overwatch, Deadshot aim is no better than decision making or a well timed ability. An authentic design experience with varied maps, game modes and tactical layers.

So if you just started, make sure to try these heroes first.

TANK – Orisa

Best Overwatch heroes for Beginners Orisa

I think Orisa is probably one of the most balanced characters in the whole game. She features 200 hp, 200 armor and 11 dmg per medium-range shot. She is pretty useful in a team fight due to her long curved shield, protecting from enemy shots pretty effectively and still dealing pretty good amount of damage.

Her weapon is a linear projectile that delivers sustainable damage in a medium-long range distance with a 2.75m per second attack speed, yet it decreases movement speed when firing. So be careful.

Her skills include a gravitation charge which slows and pulls enemies back to the sphere, a golden fortification armor that allows to reduce damage input and a protective barrier with 900 health. Her ultimate is called Supercharger, a device that increases damage of allied heroes nearby.

Orisa is pretty easy to play with in my opinion. In a first stage, you simply need to protect your team from incoming damage, and allow your teammates to fire behind the Protective barrier. Your crowd control spells will definitely make a difference in a team fight as well as your ultimate, just make sure no one comes behind you in surprise and gets you killed.

If you’re pretty unskilled with your aim, Orisa will definitely help you get started.

Guide here


Best Overwatch heroes for Beginners Lucio

Normally I really don’t like playing Support but since I tried Lucio my opinion changed drastically. Lucio is a highly mobile support with a 7.7 meters per second movement speed and a stylish pair of roller skates that allow you to climb walls. He has 200 hp and two different modes: healing and speed boosting.

His weapon also features two different types of shots, linear projectiles on the left click and a frontal wave that throws enemies in the air on the right click.

To change modes you use Crossfade on shift, an energy wave with a 10 meter radius that allows you to heal yourself and nearby teammates (yellow mode) or boost your allies’ movement speed up to 30% (green mode).

With Ampt it up you increase the values of your default spells, healing increases up to 47hp per second and movement speed up to 70% for a duration of 3 seconds. The ultimate is called Sound barrier and provides a 500 hp shield to nearby allies in a 30 meter radius for 6 seconds.

I recommend Lucio because it doesn’t require that much skill shot and you can heal several allies at once just by standing next to them. Since you’re also pretty fast you can be very handy in critical situations and the Sound barrier is perfect for a decisive team fight. Lucio is very fun to play with and the only hero to affect movement speed.

Guide Here

DEFENSE – Bastion

Best Overwatch heroes for Beginners Bastion

I don’t often play Defense, but if I have to do it I will probably just pick Bastion. This charming robot is an authentic killing machine with 200 hp, 100 armor and two different rapid fire weapons. He is the perfect hero to be fixed in a long distance position.

He can be used in two different modes: standing and fixed. With the default mode he uses a 25 ammo hitscan that deals 6 to 20 damage per shot within a 26-50 meters range, while in the fixed mode he is busted with Sentry, a 300 ammo hitscan that unleashes a hail of bullets in a 35 to 55 meters area.

Bastion is a stationary powerhouse that can heal itself and take down enemies from afar. With his ultimate he turns himself into a mobile tank that launches linear projectiles, each taking 205 damage in a direct hit during 8 seconds.

So basically Bastion is not very mobile (besides his ulti), and that’s probably his biggest weakness.

The trick is to find yourself a good spot that allows great vision towards the enemy team and literally take them down in seconds. Just make sure you change your place throughout the game so enemy attack heroes don’t find you that easily. If you have an Orisa in your team and she is placed in front of you, there’s literally no way to lose.

Guide Here

ATTACK – Soldier 76

Best Overwatch heroes for Beginners Soldier 76

For me Attack is probably one of the hardest roles in Overwatch. You need to be very skilled with your aim and have an aggressive game style, which is not really my case. Although I’m pretty into McCree lately, I still think Soldier 76 is one of the easiest and most balanced attackers in the game.

Soldier is a flexible offense character with 200 hp that is literally able to sprint, heal and hit enemies easily. His weapon is a 25 ammo rapid fire hitscan that deals 6 to 19 damage per hit in a 30 to 55 meters range.

His spells include 3 linear splash projectiles, a biotic field that heals 40.8 hp per second and a Sprint that increases 8.33 meters per second of movement speed. His ultimate is called Tactical Visor which allows Soldier to lock his aim to any enemy on site automatically.

Soldier is really easy to play but it’s not the kind of character to be standing around. As an attacker you need to be pretty mobile and surprise enemies throughout the map. Of course you can also back up your tanks and supports due to the medium-long range and healing abilities but since you’re pretty balanced you can easily take any enemy down in a 1v1 fight.

When your ultimate hits 100% you will even forget what is aiming.

Guide here

Hope you enjoyed this little Overwatch guide for beginners and hope you manage to master the basics easily. GL, HF and see you next time!

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