A little trip to Vigo and the Cies Islands

Here’s why Vigo and the Cies Islands are a destination to keep in mind next summer!

So I literally just arrived from an amazing trip to Spain and decided to share my experience with you guys. Not that there is a lot to tell since I only stayed like 3 days, but it was actually enough to realize a few things about Vigo.

First of all me and Antonio had no idea what to plan for our small 8-day vacation. And since we are trying to save money (yeah of course), we decided to go on a little road trip to the elegant city of Vigo which only took around 2h from Porto.

We booked this cozy small apartment at Airbnblocated around 15 minutes away from the city center and paid less than 100 bucks… a pretty great deal!



When we arrived it was already lunch time so we decided to explore the city’s restaurants. Vigo is pretty famous for its seafood yet, unfortunately, since we are not really great fans, we can’t say it was our ultimate favorite. The “pulpo” was delicious tho.

The first day was totally dedicated to exploring Vigo‘s main spots, including the unique Casco Vello, the Mercado da Pedra,  the Samil Beach, and a few others. Although we didn’t have time to visit the museums and explore a little bit more I’m pretty satisfied with the journey. It’s a beautiful city and its architecture resembles the 19th century rationalism, and features elegant sculptures throughout.

A little trip to Vigo and The Cies IslandsA little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands (4)A little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands (3)

I particularly enjoyed the fact that it is an active, happy city where people gather for delicious food and a fresh beer, and walk by the sea to spend the time. My kind of city to be honest.  And since there was a Sports event taking place, there was also a lot of music going on and plenty of bikers and skateboarders doing a few tricks in the streets.

A little trip to Vigo and The Cies IslandsA little trip to Vigo and The Cies Islands



The second day was all about the stunning Cies Islands. I know we have plenty of beaches in Portugal but to be honest I have been pretty unlucky whenever I try to go to one. Whether it’s too windy, whether the water is too cold… so Spain is a pretty great choice right?

Let me just tell you, if you want to visit the islands make sure to book online first. We used Mar de Ons  and paid around 18€ each ticket. I definitely recommend because you don’t have to stress about purchasing the tickets any longer, and since it is a pretty popular destination it’s always good to have a previous reservation.

A little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands (7)

If you go by car make sure to wake up earlier to find a free spot in the city center (if you don’t want to pay parking of course), and manage to be at the deck 15 minutes before the departure.

A little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands (11)

The boat trip is pretty pleasant (coming from someone that drank a huge cappuccino and didn’t throw up), and it only takes about 30/40 minutes. When you arrive you encounter this paradise scenario where white clean sand connects with a relaxing, clear blue sea.

A little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands

The Cies Islands look like this because they are protected. It is forbidden to throw trash or to bring any natural components from it.  The preservation is taken seriously and there are no trash cans around the area… so bring your own bags.

If you truly want to enjoy its beauty, don’t just spend the day at the beach, and if you like camping, do it. The Island has different routes for sightseeing that are definitely worth to try. Just make sure you use sunscreen and bring a hat if you can.

Since we had just woken up we went for the shortest and easiest path: the Porta Lighthouse Route. This route offers a spectacular journey through the O Faro Island which is connected to the lighthouse at the top of the island and the bird observatory.

A little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands (14)

Then we headed to the Alto del Principe route. A 1h nature trail that climbs up to the top of Agudo Mountain and enables outstanding views of the island. On the way you can also see the Figueiras beach, which is nudist. When you arrive to the highest point you will have a panoramic view of the whole archipelago. A dream.

A little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands

A little trip to the Spanish Cies Islands (15)

My only bad thoughts on the Cies Islands is that in terms of cuisine, it could have been so much better. We checked two different restaurants at the beach and they both served low quality food…So I advise you to take your own.

In general, it was a very pleasant travel with plenty of sun and nature. I definitely recommend.

Hope you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Vigo and the Cies Islands and spend a great time away from the busy world. Hope these tips will help you out as well! 🙂

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