Why Listen to Washed Out: Mister Mellow

Why Listen to Washed Out: Mister Mellow

Album Score: 7.5

After listening to Mister Mellow, I realized there’s only one term that defines the north american artist Ernest Greene – genius.

Washed Out‘s newest album is the ultimate getaway to listen to at the office, although the whole concept on this masterpiece is related to the everyday stressful life many of us face.

As someone who has been feeling down at work, this music album really got into me, yet the best thing is: I cannot feel depressed while listening to it. Rather, I feel inspired by its elegance and calmness.

The way he deals with his problems… and we are not just talking about work, we are talking about love and mental health… is what many of us should do, to find a little piece of mind and float away from time to time.

For me, Mister Mellow takes the word relaxation and “chillwave” seriously and should be seen as an example for many artists in the music industry.

A true instrumental experience which is complemented by soft vocals and a unique value.

My favorite tracks: Floating By, I’ve been Daydreaming My Entire Life and Instant Calm.

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