Clash Royale Decks That Actually Work

2 Easy Clash Royale Decks That Will Put You Out Of Your Misery!

Before Clash Royale I used to be a normal person. I wasn’t very into mobile games back then but this little piece of art had to come into play and ruin my life. Of course I need to blame António and past flatmates for this happening as well, but my addiction to this game is beyond peer pressure!

First of all, we are not pros or anything or do we have the time to participate in gaming competitions in spare time, yet we have played it for a while now and consider ourselves ok players with 3200+ points.

If you’re way too much above, please ignore this post and go on with your beautiful pro life (jelly), if you’re not and want to get a few Clash Royale tips, keep on reading friend, these have been working out pretty well.

The Classic Force

Clash Royale Decks That Actually Work

I think that to pull together a great deck attack and defense wise, you need to select at least two spells.

I mean the most of the troops come in groups and there’s no better way to deal with annoying little bastards than a good old Zap, for example. With only 2 mana cost you are able to cut off most of the hp in a wide area of effect. A great advantage in my opinion.

For me, the second spell should be the one and only Fireball. Of the low-cost spell cards (not even mentioning rocket here) the Fireball deals one of the highest percentages of damage, being probably one of the best cards to attack and defend. You can also go for poison but not the same effect.

To complement these powerful spell cards I use the Elite Barbarians as main attackers. At level 11 dealing 204 damage per second, 1.5 second attack speed and proper hitpoins, they are the dream come true.  And since you have the Zap as back up it’s easy to get to the tower.

The Musketeer is a must-have for me in any deck I play. Perfect for defending air & ground troops, dealing 175 damage per second at level 8 is also a beast when arrives at the enemy’s tower. Just make sure to place some tanky characters in front of her since she is pretty sensible.

Air wise I use the Minions, 3 mana cost, 93 damage per second at level 10, super fast little bastards that deal pretty good with annoying cards such the Giant, Sparky and P.E.K.K.A. To protect the grounds I use the Skeleton Army, a cliche.

My Mini P.E.K.K.A is not there just because it’s my favorite I promise. This little robot although gets distracted pretty easily is an authentic assassin, dealing 348 damage at 1.8 seconds (at level 8) can take any enemy down pretty easily. When supported by Zap and Musketeer nothing can stop you from winning the game. And if he gets to the enemy’s tower…gg easy.

Last but not least, the amazing and incredibly irritating Goblin Barrel that at level 5 does not go instantly down with a Zap. Make sure to distract the tower with other troops and let these sneaky bastards do the service with each one dealing 116 damage per 1.1 sec. Authentic beasts.

A cool Clash Royale deck that doesn’t even need legendaries.

See it in action: 

The Double Bomb

Clash Royale Decks That Actually Work

Well this is not my main deck and probably isn’t the most consistent deck to play if your objective is to climb the ladder of trophies to reach the legendary arena as fast as you can, but if you want to have big fun messing with your opponent look no further. The Giant skeleton CloneRage combo is deadly and surprising.

Probably you’ve never thought of this, at least I didn’t until I’ve faced an opponent with the same tactic, but if you cringe when a Giant Skeleton reaches your tower imagine 2 of them dropping a bomb near it. That’s a whopping 1914 death damage if both your Giant Skeleton and Clone are at tournament level 4. Yes you read it right, that’s a tower going down almost with one hit, or two hits to be more precise.

Usually the best strategy to make this combo work is to save those 3 cards and try to play them when you think you’ll catch your opponent off guard so start defending well. For that you’ll count with Zap, Guards, Minions and Electro Wizard to stop most attacks by air or ground but if you’re having trouble defending you can always play the Giant Skeleton first he is tanky second even if he dies, the bomb takes care of the rest.

I also have the Hog Rider, which is an indispensable card, to me to make quick counters when I know that I have mana advantage, this combined with Zap, Rage or even Clone to double the trouble will do solid damage to any tower if played correctly.

When you feel that the timing is right, try to reach the enemy tower with the Giant Skeleton protecting it with the Minions and/or Electro Wizard and using him as tank since he has 2000+ HP and if you need an extra boost to arrive at the tower hit it with the Rage spell and then BOOM Clone spell! Your enemy will pee in his pants if you pull this off! But be careful because this is an expensive attack so be sure to nail the timing or wait for the double elixir time.

This is a deck that will surely put a smile on your face!

See it in action:

Hope you enjoyed this little Clash Royal Guide  and got some inspiration for your next deck. Good luck, have fun and go kick some kings and queens out of their thrones!

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