Best Restaurants in Porto to eat a Francesinha

If you want to try a good Francesinha here are the Best Restaurants in Porto to do that.

Even if its like 32 degrees, a good Francesinha always goes well. This simple and traditional dish from the most famous northern city of Portugal, Porto, is something every tourist wants to keep in its memory when going back home.

And since it’s one of the most famous dishes, it’s easy to find one in every corner of the city, yet not all are worth to try. Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Porto to eat a Francesinha to help you decide faster.


Best Restaurants in Porto to eat a Francesinha - Yuko

YUKO, for me will always be the number one choice when it comes to Francesinha. If you manage to get a seat (I definitely recommend you to make a reservation by the way), you get surrounded by a stunning, traditional Portuguese-designed tavern, where rustic decorative elements take you back to the 20th Century.

The Francesinha is served in an elegant, artsy dish and is cooked in a traditional oven, which allows the cheese and the bread feel more crunchy and delicious. Inside you can expect high quality meat and sausage and a delicious smoked ham that makes this dish stand out from all the others in this list. The fries are handmade and are served in a plate with a few orange slices.

The fact that you can order half francesinha is also pretty good for your waist!

Price: 9€

Address: Rua de Costa Cabral, 2331, Antas, Porto

Zomato rating: 4,4 



Best Restaurants in Porto to eat a Francesinha - Santiago
Photo by Inês Maldonado

This is literally the place every single person in Porto will recommend you to try out. Its flavor has made Santiago one of the most crowded and wanted restaurants in the city when it comes to Francesinha. So if you really want to give it a try, make sure you call at least one day before!

The francesinha is delicious because it’s cooked in the oven without the bread crust, making it soft and easier to cut, and that’s precisely what makes it stand out from the others. The meat and sausage are standard quality yet the fries are by far one of the tastiest. The sauce is neither too spicy or too soft, truly on point.

In my opinion, Santiago’s francesinha was made to handle every taste, what makes it pretty good for a first time.

Price: 9,50€

Address: Rua de Passos Manuel, 226

Zomato rating: 4,3


Bufete Fase

Best Restaurants in Porto to eat a Francesinha - Bufete Fase
Photo by Adam Liah

You seriously could start a war over this theme yet Bufete Fase would always earn its place as one of the best francesinhas ever made. Served by the same person all these years – Sr.José – makes sure to replace the traditional egg by a crispy, caloric and delicious sausage on top of the dish.

The perfectionism of his francesinha never seems to let visitors down, with incredibly well arranged meat and perfectly-toasted bread. The sauce is spicy and incredibly hot like it’s supposed to be. Definitely a must!

Price: 10€

Address: Rua de Santa Catarina, 1147, Trindade, Porto

Zomato rating: 4



Brasão is pretty similar to Yuko since they are runned by the same owners. Yet the francesinha has a slightly different taste and mystic in both places so I decided to include in this list as well.

The best advantage of Brasão it’s the location. It has two restaurants in Porto’s downtown, one near Aliados and other near the Coliseu making easier to reach. Its cozy and rustic design, amazing attendance and of course, delicious food have earned its place among the citizens and tourists making it a pretty requested restaurant. So make sure to schedule a table.

There you can try the best of traditional francesinha and other dishes of Porto. Brasão makes sure to follow classical flavors of Francesinha leaving behind the smoked ham. The sauce is one of the best I have ever had. It’s spicy and incredibly hot making the cheese melt perfectly on top of the bread. I usually like to eat it without the egg, but it’s up to you. Either way you will not be disappointed.

Price: 9,50€

Address: Rua de Ramalho Ortigão, 28, Baixa, Porto

Zomato Rating: 4,5


Francesinha was born in the hands of a Portuguese emmigrant that had just returned to the country after working and living in France for many years. With the money he earned he wanted to open a cafe, but he knew he had to create something unique to get customers curious and be successful in the Portuguese cuisine market.

Inspired by the delicious French Croque Monsieur he decided to add a few Portuguese ingredients  such as steak or pork meat and traditional types of sausage to this sandwich, adding a spicy tomato sauce to finish up the plate. The result was nothing less than one of the greatest and most famous dishes in Porto – the Francesinha – a name that indicates a diminutive for “French Lady”. Now it makes sense right?


Hope you manage to check out these places and eat a delicious francesinha while you’re in Porto. Because if there’s something a tourist must do, it’s that!

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