Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrates Humanity Issues

When I heard Metronomy was coming to Porto I knew I had to save some extra money in my wallet to purchase a ticket for Nos Primavera Sound 2017. And it could have costed more than 1 million bucks it would still be worth it (not that I would have that kind of money right now but you know what I mean). Usually in Portugal we often hear about Super Bock Super Rock, Nos Alive and a few other music festivals, but rarely Primavera Sound was in someone’s wish list. Today is the time for a change.

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues

This year / yesterday was my first experience at Primavera Sound, and I have to say they couldn’t have chosen a better place. The festival took place at Parque da Cidade, one of the greatest nature parks in the city, allowing a sense of privacy and displacement from the city’s busy environment.

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues

Everything was signed properly enabling visitors a clean, easy journey throughout the different areas of the festival, and the fact that they took advantage of a far-reaching area, people were spread around the space instead of creating an authentic Walking Dead experience like it was Nos Alive last year. Besides, the food zone had a wide variety of choices what was pretty nice for someone who loves to eat and try different things like I do!

The lineup wasn’t something someone would turn their heads over yet it was incredible. I didn’t know many of the artists that were invited but the concerts were definitely something to remember. The Brazilian singer Elza Soares for example, was one that caught my attention the most.

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues
Photography by Sara Camilo

Her music not only was fun and unique, yet communicated strong and empowering messages towards humanity issues such as domestic violence, racism and homophobia. During the concert, she asked for “conscience” and applause in honor for the assassinated, transsexual women Gilberta and advised women in the croud to speak up about domestic violence (it was literally impossible not to get chills).

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues

Not only Elza Soares acted like a maternal figure but also made the public dance some Samba with her electronic vibes and outstanding voice. The Malian music group, Songhoy Blues also quoted inspiring and beautiful words about race equality and life and granted a relaxing, lovable environment for the listeners.

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues

British singer Sampha was next with a whole different style to close the sunset and open the night’s show. I only knew a few songs from him but since I heard so much about his music I had to make sure to get a proper place (still had some short people problems going on tho).

Photography by Sara Camilo

Sampha knows how to sing. And there’s no one in this world that can deny his immense talent. He produces, he writes he sings like an angel and creates beautiful music with feeling and deepness.

Throughout the concert it was possible to admire the band’s incredible career in the industry with tracks from their debut album “Process”, solo piano performances and even tracks from Drake’s new project More life. Sampha delivered a show. He gave the public an experience between different melodies that gathered electronic, soul, cheerful and touching vibes.

The end was characterized by his intimate and magnificent performance of “No One Knows me Like The Piano” that left the audience stunned and applauding. I was literally speechless.

The so much awaited (at least by me) Metronomy followed with their distinguished electronic vibes that made the audience jump on their feet right away. Positive words from vocalist Joseph Mount  made the croud applause and the energy get even higher – “Porto you’re my favorite city in the world” and “this is the nicest place we’ve been to” – I just hope it means they will be back soon.

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues

The concert was anything a fan can ask. Not only they showcased the best tracks (my humble opinion here) of their newest album Summer 08 – Mick Slow and Night Owl – but also gave the public ancient pieces of art like My Heart Rate Rapid and Corinne.

Tracks like Love Letters and The Look took the concert to a whole new level of enthusiasm following interleaved singing between the band and the audience, and an outstanding round of applause. The band’s talented drummer Anna Prior  also performed as the lead singer for the track “Everything Goes my Way” making the concert even more complete and incredible.

Nos Primavera Sound 2017 in Porto Celebrated Humanity Issues

To end my first experience at Nos Primavera Sound 2017 was the so called “master of techno music” Aphex Twin. Fully involved with interactive screens, the artist created a dazzling and vibrating visual connection with the audience, that served as an excellent company for the energetic electronic music that was being played.

Photography by Sara Camilo

An over 2-hour show that emerged into an authentic dance floor with solid techno soundtracks that seemed to get heavier and heavier throughout the time. What I particularly enjoyed about his concert was the intelligent and genius effects that were created in those screens and lights. Later in the evening, Portuguese important  figures like Antonio Costa, Mourinho, Salvador Sobral and the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo‘s statue even took part in those screens in a comical situation that embraced the public incredibly well.

Although it was all about creating entertaining live shows I really think this year’s edition tried to send a message. Not only artists like Elza Soares calling attention for important humanity issues but also Aphex Twin with its humorous showcase of Portuguese politicians and celebrities.

Definitely an event to reconsider next year.


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