Music Artists To Listen To in a Stressful Evening

These are the music artists that make me chill when I feel like destroying the world.

Every single person that walks the earth  sometimes has this day where literally nothing seems to make us feel better about the shitty lives we have been living. Not that I’m having this kind of day right now (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article but drinking some chamomile tea and crying in the corner), but the past week I was right there friends.

And as a normal sane person, I just sit on my bed and start listening to music until the sadness finally move out of my brain. Of course, it could be any type of music but that doesn’t quite work for me, it needs to be these music artists aka my babies, specifically.

So if you’re in need for new songs or just need to chill a little bit, I definitely recommend you to keep on reading.


Toro y moi

Music Artists To Listen To in a Stressful Evening

In my opinion, Chazwick Bradley Bundick aka  Toro y Moi  is just pure genius. He manages to pull off any style pretty well due to its multiracial influence, and that’s what I particularly love about his music.

Toro y Moi has this Indie Pop, electronic and chillwave vibe that varies from album to album. My ultimate favorite tracks to listen to are Grown Up Calls, So Many Details and High Living. Seriously, there’s no way you can be upset while listening to this guy. If you have the time, please check out his official videos as well, for the sake of art.



Music Artists To Listen To in a Stressful Evening

Miso is an underground Korean producer and singer that creates refreshing R&B soundtracks.

Her voice literally seems to come from the heavens and the mighty gods (and i’m an atheist guys). If you’re a fan of chilled R&B with dope beats, you might want to give it a try. My favorite tracks are Castles, Take Me and Higher.



Music Artists To Listen To in a Stressful Evening

We all know that there’s nothing more relaxing than instrumental music (if it’s used in yoga and mediation it has to mean something right).

BadBadNotGood is probably the most talented band right now, they master improvisation and combine jazz and electronic into awesome pieces of art. The ones that I love most are: And that too,  Speaking Gently and Chompy’s Paradise from their IV album.


Jamie XX

Music Artists To Listen To in a Stressful Evening

Jamie XX  is a member from The XX band, but he has been doing some individual tracks that gather indie pop, electronic and dubstep all in once.

The dubstep part might seem scary right now but it has nothing to do what you’re probably thinking. Jamie XX’s dubstep is a pretty soft one that triggers good vibes in the brain. It is combined with different styles creating a relaxing sound. I advise you to listen to Girl, Sleep Sound and Loud Places.



Music Artists To Listen To in a Stressful Evening

This guy, omg. Kaytranada has is an incredibly talented DJ. His style is more towards electronic, hip hop and R&B yet nothing too heavy.

His instrumental is pretty sick and the invited artists are often pretty unique on their own (talking about Anderson Paak here). I love the fact that the music he creates has this summer vibe that makes me wanna dance.

I not only recommend to listen to his Forever Lasting Night, You’re the One and Glowed Up, but also the full “Whatever” Album.  You will forget your problems right away.


Hope you have the chance to explore these music artists and admire their great talent. Let me know what you think of this list and share any other suggestions down below.

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