Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Be Following Right Now

These lifestyle youtubers will make you feel like you need some extra money but it’s still worth to watch!

For me Youtube is a funny business. A few years back I would just use it to watch popular music videos everyone was talking about or search step-by-step tutorials on how to download Sims.

I was a pretty simple teen back in the days, and I never thought that 4 years later I would become an authentic Youtube junkie that spends hours on the sofa following videos from people that I will never even meet (yes i’m not an example for anyone in this world). And guess what, I’m not ashamed friends. There are pretty cool channels out there… even you PewDiePie.

So, enough of talking, if you’re a fan of fashion and lifestyle blogs like I am, I recommend you to check out these incredible women down below for awesome and incredible content. You will definitely not regret it.

La Madelynn 

Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Be Following Right Now

This girl is simply amazing. La Madelyn is a very interesting youtuber with plenty of cultural knowledge about cinema and literature, which makes you get hooked to her videos easily. Her vlogs are authentic pieces of art with great soundtrack, quality image and hooking coloring effects that make you travel to a whole different mindset.

Her channel has pretty diverse content, she can talk about fashion, makeup (usually using only cruelty-free products which is pretty nice), travel and whatever goes on in her life basically. What I particularly enjoy about her channel is that she doesn’t try to hard to be perfect or anything, she just shows her viewers the beautiful simple life she has with her dog and how you can be unique with a simple par of jeans and shirt.

Marzia Bisognin

Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Be Following Right Now - Marzia Bisognin

Oh my sweet Marzia! This girl is the one you will want to have in your neighborhood and ask for some culinary tips when you have friends over. She is very creative and fun to watch, and the fact that she always has a smile in her face just makes you feel warmer inside.

Her channel is the kind of channel you will want to watch when feeling down, because it instantly improves your mood! This year she decided to skip the planning too much and has been doing more of a chilled kind of thing. I love the fact that she is very talented (she has her own clothing line and makes incredibly looking food) and calls attention to important matters like fast fashion and consumerism.

Simply Kenna

Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Be Following Right Now

Kenna aka the Disney princess is a down to earth girl that sits in front of her camera and talks about whatever goes in her mind. She literally grabs a cup of coffee, sits down and starts to have a conversation with her viewers, answering several questions and sharing her life experiences and trips to Disney World. If you’re a fan of anime, you will want to follow this girl as well, she has pretty good and varied taste and every single anime show she mentioned was amazing (I know because I watched them).

She also showcases cute home decor diy’s that are often inspired by her favorite shows and books (harry potter included). Although her channel doesn’t focus on fashion or beauty she sometimes comes up with a few makeup tutorials and look books that make you wish you had the money.

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Jenny Mustard

Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Be Following Right Now

For me, Jenny Mustard  is a true inspiration. She is bold, daring and shows the world how wonderful it is to be different and comfortable in your own skin. She embraces beauty and fashion in her own minimalist way and gives really great advises on how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Her videos are often about productivity, health, happiness, stress and life. She is a very intelligent human being and you can tell that she has a great attitude towards the world around her. She talks about her life experiences, how she became a minimalist and vegan, how she loves traveling, and discusses everyday topics like fashion, social media, food, cinema and work. A must follow.

I am Kareno

Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Be Following Right Now

Karen is the ultimate fashion youtuber. She has this unique colorful vibe in her videos that make you travel back to the 80’s. She is very talented and knows how to create content that works. What I particularly enjoy about her youtube channel is the creative themes and down to earth talks she has with viewers, as well its old-school vintage effects.

She focuses on fashion and beauty videos mostly, and does pretty cool makeup tutorials and look books using daring bright colors. The fact that she is not afraid to change styles is pretty inspiring and manages to fulfill every taste.

Clothes Encounters

Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Be Following Right Now

Jenn Im is a cutie! Her youtube channel is by far one of my ultimate favorites (of course silly otherwise it wouldn’t be in this list). She often talks about fashion and beauty and also vlogs about her travels and experiences. I love the fact that she is not afraid to put herself out there and have personal, down to earth talks with viewers.

She shares some incredible tips and has a pretty amazing fashion style. She manages to pull off any outfit incredibly well and inspires viewers to combine different designs in one look. If you like fashion, I totally recommend.

I have always followed several blogs and read numerous articles, but in terms of videos, it’s pretty cool that Youtube has now become a pretty influential network that supports its community.

Of course it has its flaws but I believe it can be a great opportunity for creative people to show off their entertainment skills. Besides, you can learn a lot. You learn about social media management, video editing, Photoshop, and several other tools that are pretty great for the job market.

I still didn’t have the balls to create one myself, or even the skills to do it but I hope that in the future, after being inspired by these incredible lifestyle youtubers I manage to.

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