Best Returning Anime Series and Tv Shows of Spring 2017

Spring is coming and with it, these incredible shows.

Spring must be the best time of the year, after all is the time when everything starts to shine again. The sun is getting stronger and people are smiling enjoying all these things as am I right now.

But wait… I’m forgetting something… Ah yes… Haven’t I told you that the most awesome Anime series and TV Shows are also returning? Yes you’ve heard me, and some of them you can start watching right now.

This is my list of the most anticipated returns in Anime and TV, so you don’t miss anything big in this wonderful season.


Attack on Titan Season 2

Best Returning Anime Series and Tv Shows of Spring 2017

(Yes they’ve got hair now) Attack on Titan was the One Punch Man of 2013. This was the real deal back in the days and let me tell you, this is a really good anime, there’s more than hype to it.

The plot is great, the characters are strong and the setting is dark and ruthless. Humanity is on their knees hiding behind enormous walls while these creatures named Titans are roaming free as if the world belonged to them crushing humans like flies. But if there is any humanity remaining there is also hope and people are willing to fight back.

If you saw the first season you now what I’m talking about, but if you didn’t, just make yourself a favor and start watching now, because at least when you’re done you don’t have to wait almost 4 years to start watching the sequel as I did.


Prison Break Season 5

Best Returning Anime Series and Tv Shows of Spring 2017

I still remember the first time I’ve followed  a TV show for real, from the beginning to the end, before that I only watched random episodes from anything that was on TV at that time.

It was in the summer of 2005, Prison Break was the series that everyone talked about, all my friends were watching it and so was I. The first season was simply amazing, but the quality dropped every time a new season came out until that ending in 2009, that was very disappointing in my opinion.

Gladly they are returning again for fifth season and I simply hope it’s as good as the first! In this season Michael is still alive and in jail (of course) and his brother is teaming up with various returning characters to get him out. If you were a fan of prison break as I was back in the day you should give season 5 a try and watch it now.


Berserk Season 2

Best Returning Anime Series and Tv Shows of Spring 2017

If you are a fan of dark Anime and watched the very first season of  Berserk in 2016, you must know that Berserk returned in 2017 for more. This time Guts, the guy with the really big sword aka main character of the series, witnessed the return of his old nemesis and is on the path of revenge.

His rage is so big that he himself is getting afraid of what he may become. With this fear and the knowledge of the strength level of his target, for the first time he recognizes that he can’t do this alone and he is making new alliances along his journey.

I know that the animation of the first season was a little weird and took some time to get used to, but this time the animation is much better and the story is as epic as ever.


Fargo Season 3

Best Returning Anime Series and Tv Shows of Spring 2017

If you are a big fan of tv series with dark humor you probably watched the first 2 seasons of Fargo. They were instant hits in TV and got very good critics all around the world.

Now they are returning for a new season, again with a new cast including names like Ewan McGregor known for participating in Trainspotting and the Star Wars saga, Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Scott Pilgrim and David Thewlis from Harry Potter as the stars of the show.

The story is set in a little town in Minnesota in 2010 and is about two brothers (both played by McGregor) one a very successful self-made man and the other a parole officer that blames his older brother for all his misfortune, and their sibling rivalry will lead them into a world of murder, crime, and mobsters. A must.


Boku No Hero Academia Season 2

Best Returning Anime Series and Tv Shows of Spring 2017

This is a story of a little boy that didn’t have any superpowers in an world when that was the most normal thing to have.

This little boy’s dream was to be the greatest hero in history like All Might was at that time and so in order to do that he proved himself to him, got superpowers and entered the best hero school in the world, meeting many friends with the same dream as him.

Now they must prove themselves to the world that they can be the next generation of heroes in the greatest tournament ever under the observing eyes of all the heroes and villains. Boku no Hero Academia is a really lighthearted and inspiring anime series with very enjoyable moments that you shouldn’t miss.


Better Call Saul Season 3

Best Returning Anime Series and Tv Shows of Spring 2017

Last but not least we have Better Call Saul the spin-off of one of the best tv series ever made, Breaking Bad. This is the story of how “Jimmy” McGill became Saul Goodman as we know him in Breaking Bad.

He was that kind of guy that no one believed in, a failure to society, but he never gave up on his dream of becoming a real lawyer and with that dream he always finds a way to go towards his goal, a way that many times leads him to trouble.

The show also counts with many returning characters from Breaking Bad like Mike, Tuco and now Gus Fring for this new season.


Hope this list was helpful and reminded you that there are really great shows and anime returning with the good weather of this season.

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