Here’s what I have to say about my trip to Belgium

So last week I got this immense adventure with my boyfriend in Belgium, and all it was supposed to be was a mere visit to our friends.

I don’t know about you, but I kinda fell in love with it. Don’t know if it was because we had super cool tourist guides and company  (because that’s always the most important) or because of the places we visited there.

We landed in Brussels Saturday, and although Ryanair decided to change the flight schedules we somehow managed to pull everything together in time for an enjoyable trip. We arrived around 6pm in the evening but still had the guts and stamina to go see the city in the moonlight. Of course we wouldn’t waste any minute of our time, since we had only 3 days.

First thing I have to say is… oh god. Brussels at night. WOW. So much movement, life and energy going on, hearing like a million different languages around me, it was definitely something to remember. I mean here in Porto there are plenty of tourists as well but it’s nothing comparing to the center of Europe.

The main square was filled with people just gathering, taking photos and enjoying the bars that were opened at the time. To make everything even more beautiful, we were surrounded by impressive and traditional Romanesque and Gothic buildings.

Here's what I have to say about my trip to Belgium

The “Place Royal” was definitely eye opening. I mean, I have always been a huge fan of Gothic Architecture but Brussels is definitely the king when it comes to this. Here are a few pictures to prove it.

Here's what I have to say about my trip to Belgium

One of the best moments of my trip to Brussels was visiting the downtown’s bars and galleries. Lots of variety, bars and music for every taste, and, of course, a wide range of beer brands that I have never seen in my life. We went to this place called “Delirium” and the moment we step in we were amazed by its “Irish Pub” kind of thing.

There was so much diversity going on, different cultures mixing together for a good cup of beer, it was definitely fun to see.

During our stay in Belgium we had the opportunity to visit several cities (that are probably the most known). The second day our friends took us to Gent and Bruges. And all I have to say is: Gent is a wonderful city. The architecture, once again, was delightful to admire, and although it was less busy than Brussels, it had a cool energy going on. We visited the St. Baafskathedral and had the weirdest meal in one of the city’s restaurants, whose name I cannot remember. I really enjoyed the city’s landscape and it was definitely worth the 2-hour walk, i’m just really sad I didn’t take more pictures.

Here's what I have to say about my trip to Belgium

Bruges was my boyfriend’s ultimate favorite, he still doesn’t stop talking about going back there. And for the first time, he is right. Bruges is a stunning city, it has this traditional / medieval look that embraces us into an historic time travel. The buildings were covered with classic facades, the streets with horse carts and beautiful river channels laid beneath us. I mean what’s not to like?

Unfortunately there were too many people that day, otherwise we’ve had taken a little boat ride in the canals.

Our third day was especially dedicated to Brussels. We woke up early in the morning to visit the city’s most relevant tourist points and have lunch in some place in the downtown. We visited the amazing Atomium, that by the way is an authentic piece of art, and the Cinquantenaire, that allowed us to take real cool shots. We ended up eating at a random Mexican restaurant, that by the way was pretty delicious.

Here's what I have to say about my trip to Belgium

Antwerpen was also another city that we had the chance to visit, yet since it’s a pretty “commercial” town and we went there on a holiday we couldn’t see much. Yet I really enjoyed the city’s port and the main station, that was pretty unique in its own.

The only thing I felt disappointed in our trip to Belgium was the cuisine. I figured it could be similar to Germany but I never thought it would be that much… Fries, weird sauces and waffles everywhere… Still a pretty great trip tho, 10/10 I recommend!

If you also had the chance to visit Belgium let me know what you think down below. Hope you enjoyed this article and see you next time!


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