Beauty Products That Actually Work on Sensitive Skin

If your skin literally reacts to everything, you might want to try these products.

Ok since we are heading to the high temperatures of Summer, I have already been thinking ways that I can go out to the streets without having my skin looking like Deadpool. If you’re like me, and have a super sensitive skin that gets reddish with literally everything, you should keep on reading.

I have tried several products throughout the years but, as you can probably imagine, most of them didn’t work or caused instant reactions on my sensitive skin, except these ones!

But of course, every skin type is different, so take in consideration that these products worked fine on me, but that doesn’t mean they will work on yours, hopefully yes tho!


HYSEAC Skin Protection SPF 30 by Uriage

Beauty Products That Actually Work on Sensitive Skin Uriage SPF 30

One thing that every sensitive skin owner must use is SPF, and this one by Uriage is actually a great choice. It has a soft texture, light weight fragrance and doesn’t make your skin too oily.

I think this is a great beauty product since you can apply right before foundation and doesn’t ruin the whole makeup game, like most sun protecting creams do. Besides, it has never made my skin feel itchy or irritated, but to be honest, I couldn’t expect less from this brand.

See product here


Bioten Skin Moisture Facial Cream

Beauty Products That Actually Work on Sensitive Skin Bioten Cream

I’m completely addicted to Bioten Skin Moisture cream! I use it literally everyday before going out and it has never turned me down. It has an incredibly soft texture, delicate aroma and although it has a very hydrating formula it doesn’t take that much time to soak in.

This day cream is perfect for people with dry, combination skin. I don’t recommend if your skin is usually very oily, but overall, one of the best moisturizers out there.

See product here 


Anti Redness Moisturizer by La-Roche-Posay

Beauty Products That Actually Work on Sensitive Skin La Roche Posay

This is my problem solving cream aka my hero. I use Rosaliac when my skin is feeling like it just survived a real fire. I apply it in the areas that are most irritated and after a few minutes its gone, seriously.

It contains a light greenish color that can correct the redness right away and a simple, paraben-free formula that is suitable for high sensitive skin. A must!

See product here 

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Beauty Products That Actually Work on Sensitive Skin Catrice

When you have dry sensitive skin, you know it’s pretty hard to find a good liquid foundation. I bought the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation no longer than one month ago, and I have to say I was pretty surprised.

Several Youtubers have been mentioning this product but i wasn’t sure if it would work on my skin. Anyway, I decided to try off and I was pretty happy with the result, it has a matte finish and actually lasts after a long day at work. It didn’t cause any irritations on my skin, and it covered the redness pretty well. I truly recommend.

See product here 


Kiko Facial Clenaser

Beauty Products That Actually Work on Sensitive Skin Kiko

As you can see from my damaged packaging, I absolutely love this product by Kiko. If you use makeup almost everyday, you know the importance of a good cleansing routine.

Although this one is suitable for “All Skin Types” I was kind of surprised that it has that silky feel that you usually find on sensitive skin products. I definitely recommend you try this cleansing line, it’s very effective on taking of all the dirt and gives your face a smooth surface.

See product here

Hydrating Cleanser by Diadermine

Beauty Products That Actually Work on Sensitive Skin Diadermine

I think this is a great product to apply as the last step on your cleansing routine. It’s from Diadermine and is basically a cleansing gel that purifies the skin, removing the last makeup traces.

The best think about this gel is that you don’t even need to take it off with water afterwards. It’s suitable for any skin type, and it did wonders for mine.

See product here 


Hope you enjoyed this article, and if you end up trying any of these products let me know down below if it worked for you. If there’s any product you’d like to share also don’t hesitate!



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