9 Things to do in Porto

If you’re planning to travel to the city of Francesinha anytime soon here is a small guide: 9 Things to do in Porto! … Continue reading »9 Things to do in Porto

9 Things to do in Porto

If you’re planning to travel to the city of Francesinha anytime soon here is a small guide.

Porto aka the greatest northern city in Portugal, is known for its sunny weather, incredibly tasty cuisine and of course, outdoor events.  And there’s no doubt that the past few years have been absurd in terms of tourism.

I mean Porto has already been mentioned as one of the greatest places to visit several times before, but it was never thought to be the ultimate tourist fever for 2017. Or was it? I mean it is its third year winning the European Best Destination award so maybe you should give it a chance.

So if you’re thinking about visiting this crazy town, here are some of the best things to do in Porto.


See local bands’ concerts

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Personally I just think that places with good live music, in general, are worth the visit. But Plano B is one of my ultimate favorite bars in Porto, and there’s no way I wouldn’t mention it in this list. The space is well designed and contains two stores. The underground floor is usually where they invite Portuguese and international artists for a cool, chilled gig with the locals. Great sound, great time and a great opportunity to meet the best of Portuguese rock.

I advise you to to check Maus Hábitos  as well for more incredible concerts and events, and like these, there are plenty others you just need to explore.


Visit the Cable Car in Gaia

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Of course one thing that you must do constantly is sightseeing. OPorto is famous for its stunning architecture that combines traditional Portuguese elements and contemporary design. An incredible view is literally seen anywhere in downtown, but the best place to admire its beauty, in my opinion, is in Gaia’s cable car. It’s a short trip, but an awesome ride. I mean the charm of Douro River does lay below it right? Definitely a must.



Visit the gardens of Palácio de Cristal

Talking about sightseeing in Porto, here’s another incredible spot. Palácio de Cristal is literally one of the most impressive places in the world. A massive garden area on top of the city that not only allows you to admire the surrounding landscapes, but also a great connection to nature. Prepare a picnic, put on some sneakers and you got yourself a relaxing day.


Have a tea at The Bird

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In terms of cuisine, I recently discovered this place called The Bird. It’s near the Foz and has this unique “visiting grandma” setting that makes us feel like home right away. A great place to have a conversation and experiment the best tea. The pastry is incredibly delicious and make sure to try their Scones!


Eat tapas at Copos & Cusquices

If you’re a food lover like myself, you’re visiting the right town. First of all I advise you to download Zomato, this app allows you to get information about the best restaurants and snack bars around the city, literally containing places for every taste.

Thanks to it I got to know Copos & Cusquices a tapas bar where quality and pricing is seriously the most unbelievable.  An affordable place for tasty and unique food and awesome environment. This is the best place for people that love to taste different dishes and share it with the people they love. Besides, the design of the space is pretty cool and people are the nicest!


Have a late night coffee at Costa

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Costa is literally my go to place when I’m feeling like having deep conversations in the middle of the night. And as we all know there’s nothing that fits better these situations than great coffee. And what better place than Costa?

First of all, it’s located right in my favorite part of the Downtown, aka Clerigos Tower , second, the space has good wifi connection and a super comfortable environment, third, the drinks are literally made from heaven. Worth!


Have a beer at Pausa

Pausa is a great bar to have a beer with friends. It contains a great variety of local and international brands, and tasty snacks to follow. The workers are pretty nice and made sure everything was ok from the start.

The place itself is amazingly well designed and the chairs were super comfortable! A must visit place if you’re looking for a chilled evening with friends. Seriously.


Have a steak at Terminal 4450

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Ok this place is definitely not for vegetarians and people on a diet. Terminal 4450 is the restaurant you will want to go when you’re feeling like you need some extra protein and want to taste the best meat ever. Its located in Leça da Palmeira, a city near Porto, but it’s worth the “walk”.

The attendance is incredible, the workers are always helpful and nice, and the menu… omg. Simply no words. It’s a bit more expensive than the others I mentioned in this list but definitely a great spot!


Spend the afternoon at Matosinhos beach

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Whoever comes to Portugal needs to be surrounded by its coast, and since you’re in Porto why not schedule an afternoon at Matosinhos Beach? The seashore is filled with restaurants, bars and delicious pastry shops, and the view is beyond this world. Besides, there’s an oceanarium near by and you can also take a few surfing lessons! All in one right?


Hope you have time to visit these places and get the best of this wonderful city. Something that I usually do as well is to check out Porto’s Viral Agenda for upcoming events.

Let me know your opinion down below and share any other suggestions. Enjoy your travel!