5 Awesome Music Albums You Need to Listen Right Now

These albums definitely make life worth it.

Firstly, let me apologize for not writing for like 813911 years. Work has been my first priority and barely had I time to sit down and just write on my computer for bare fun. Since I have been feeling a little bit stressed out, today I got this brilliant idea to share a few music albums that I have been rocking to nowadays.

If you’re more into metal and classic rock, I might advise you to runaway from here right now. I’m into artists such as Frank Ocean, psychedelic rock like Tame Impala and electronic vibes. So if you share a similar taste or just want to explore new sounds here are 5 music albums you should listen right now!

“Awaken my Love” by Childish Gambino

5 Awesome Music Albums You Need to Listen Right Now

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino always had a special place in my heart, his music is just plain chill and original! In my humble opinion he is a very talented music artist and manages to get every style just fine.

His third and new album “Awaken my Love” was released in December last year, and has conquered the charts all around the world, and to be honest there’s no reason to complain.

According to critics – “Colourful, brilliantly messy, and a fully committed hodge-podge of psych and spacecake croons” – you seriously must hear it.

Listen now


Summer 08 by Metronomy

5 Awesome Music Albums You Need to Listen Right Now

If you always wanted to go on a time travel, the machine was recently just launched and it’s called Summer 08.

Metronomy is probably one of the best electronic bands out there, and their fifth studio album will definitely convince you. Awesome instrumental, awesome vocals and old school vibes that will take you back to your first crush.

Listen now


“Malibu” by Anderson Paak

5 Awesome Music Albums You Need to Listen Right Now

Anderson Paak is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. His sound is the perfect balance between rnb and neo soul and his second studio album “Malibu” is seriously, a piece of art.

Relaxing and fun vibes with a touch of hip hop. Give it a try!

Listen now


Salad Days by Mac Demarco

5 Awesome Music Albums You Need to Listen Right Now

Inspired by Shakespeare‘s expression to refer to a youthful time, Mac Demarco created an outstanding music album three years ago called “Salad Days”, with a more intimate and personal message.

This album allows you to take an introspection within the simple things in life, and makes you feel like you’re in some kind of isolated, beach paradise due to its powerful lyrics and melodies. Definitely check it out.

Listen now


Blonde by Frank Ocean

5 Awesome Music Albums You Need to Listen Right Now

Prince of R&B and psychedelic pop, Frank Ocean launched his second album last summer, and I still didn’t get enough of it.

Produced by Ocean himself, “Blonde” counts with guests such as André 3000, Yung Lean and Beyoncé, in an abstract and relaxing experimental sound that differs from the artists’s usual. An incredible and touching music album in my opinion!

Listen now


Hope you enjoyed this selection and please let me know what you think if you managed to listen to all! If you have any others that would like to share, please do!

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      1. Agreed I’m glad that he took a risk with it and did something different. What are your favorite tracks?


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