Christmas Presents That Work Everytime

Christmas Presents That Work Everytime

Christmas is already next door. Everyone is checking their wallets, creating shopping lists to make sure that everyone is included, even that aunt you never seem to see but this year decided to come by for some reason… I know what you’re feeling. I have been too lazy to start buying Christmas presents yet but I have some back up, simple ideas that work every time, even for family members that I don’t know.

I simply love Christmas! The lights all around the city, beautiful decorations each door I pass by, the smell of hot coco on the coffee shops, the funny amount of clothes people wear… everything basically. Buying Christmas presents, in my opinion is also very fun, but only when you’ve got some ideas in mind before going to the shop. Remember, just like you, thousands of people will do the exact same thing and queues are insane at this time of the year. Plan your shopping wisely or you will spend your entire day at the shopping mall.


Christmas Presents That Work Everytime

This is probably the oldest and simplest idea for Christmas presents. Everyone loves Chocolate! Children, Grandparents, just make sure that the person you’re willing to give it’s not allergic somehow. Pick a good chocolate brand, a cute Christmas package and you’re good to go. If you want to make something a little bit more unique make a DIY basket or box with different chocolate and candy inside, and wrap it with beautiful decorative elements. Your effort will be appreciated. You can get some inspiration here.


Christmas Presents That Work Everytime

Is not that you want to offend anyone saying they smell bad or anything, a Perfume is always a useful and sophisticated present. It’s suitable for anyone, your sister, your mother, your father. Make sure to pick one with a similar aroma and if you don’t know the person just choose a softer perfume, it’s easier to like them. I love this idea myself, because it’s always handy, people will use it everyday but, at the same time, is not as dull as giving socks.

Scarves & Beanies

Christmas Presents That Work Everytime

Prepare your family for the cold month of January (if you’re experiencing winter at this time of the year). Scarves and Beanies are great for this season, every single shop has beautiful and diverse collections that make anyone fall on their knees. Pick scarves with dazzling patterns and beanies with more neutral tones but make sure they match somehow. The perfect gift!

Coffee Mugs

Christmas Presents That Work Everytime

What is Christmas without a good warm drink? There are so many cool coffee mugs at this time of the year, and if you know the person you can find lots of theme-based mugs like Harry Potter, Batman and so on. Besides it’s a very handy gift. If you’d like you can fill in the mug with other gifts like Pens, Post-it, chocolate, whatever will do. Seriously.

If you’re looking forward to give funny presents you can check out this store they have plenty of cool stuff, at least I go there lots of times.

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas Presents list and don’t stress yourself with this, the most important is to spend time with your family, eat good food and show them that you care. That’s what gifts are made for anyway.


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