Lose Weight with these 6 Healthy Hacks

If you’re lazy but still want to become healthier, this article is for you.

If you’re working around 7-8 hours in front of a desk and barely have time to eat a proper meal or head to the gym to exercise here are some useful, healthy hacks that I’ve been using to maintain weight and feel a little bit more healthy in general.

First of all, i’m not a health expert or anyhow too concerned about this topic but I’ve been growing some affection and interest about the food industry and what are the dangers of consuming or not consuming some products.

Let me warn you that this is not an advice from someone that exercises everyday and eats healthy food every day but someone who has barely no time to dedicate on a super healthy lifestyle. These are just a few hacks that have been working for me and have been helping me lose and maintain weight.


Add Oatmeal to your Diet


Oatmeal is somehow a very forgotten ingredient but it’s essential and does only good things for you. Besides, with only three table spoons a day you are able to benefit from its vitamins. Oatmeal may not sound as delicious as sugary cereals but believe me, it’s a worth-changing habit.

Its components will help boost your energy, protect your skin, reduce blood pressure and stabilize sugar levels. Furthermore, it’s a great hack if you’re trying to lose some weight. My advice is: start your day with oatmeal. It’s very simple and quick to make, bring water to boil, add oatmeal leave 5 minutes and it’s done!

You can add any toppings you like after, for example, strawberries, cranberries or banana. If you’re not a fan of these kind of meals try adding three spoons of oatmeal whenever you eat normal cereals or yogurts. But, as Nike says, just do it.

If you’d like more detailed information about oatmeal check out this.

Eat at Home more often


I believe this is one of the most important hacks in this list. I used to go out for dinner almost everyday and in one month I gained around 3 Kgs. I’m the kind of person that takes time to gain weight so for me that was unusual.

Now that I look back it makes sense… I mean restaurants serve the same portion for female and male clients, besides you don’t always know what ingredients they use. Are they using fresh meat? Are they using too much salt? You never know.

The trick is to eat at home. First you can control what you’re consuming, you choose your own products and have consciousness about it. Second, home made food is 50% healthier. Even if you want to eat burger and french fries, make it yourself. Natural Potatoes and fresh meat are 100 times better than Mc Donald’s. Third, you save money.

Stop Drinking Sodas


Soft Drinks like Coke, Iced Tea and Fanta are deadly and very harmful. According to research, people who consume sugary drinks regularly have a 26% more risk of getting diabetes.

Besides it’s one of the main causes of obesity in the world! Just stop drinking them. Two years ago I used to have sugary drinks in my fridge everyday. And now I don’t even need them.

It was not an easy task, let me tell you, my body was so used to them and the truth is, sugar is also one of the most addictive ingredients, and these drinks are mainly composed by it. So for your own sake, stop consuming it on a daily basis. Stop buying them. Water and natural juices are much better for you. You will quickly see changes.

Eat Fruit Everyday


I know this is an old cliche but for some reason nutritionists recommend it, right? I’m not a fan of fruits and vegetables myself, but I’ve been realizing that they can be pretty tasty.

What I do is, every time I need a dessert I go for a piece of fruit. It has become a must-have in my grocery list and it does make you lose weight. Furthermore, my skin has improved and usually I feel much more active.

Sometimes you can make a fruit salad, add a little bit of cinnamon and you’re good to go! You can also use a good sugar-free yogurt and let your imagination run. Just remember, at least a fruit a day.

Go Grocery Shopping after Lunch


We all know about this one, to go grocery shopping while hungry is never a good idea! You end up buying stuff you don’t need that, most of the times, are just fulfilling your unconscious desire for sweets and snacks.

I usually go grocery shopping at Sundays after lunch and purchase for the whole week. Just plan your day wisely, eat a proper meal, make a list and then go grocery shopping. It has its advantages really.

First of all, your stomach is full so you’re not craving anything you don’t need. Second, it makes the process much faster since you know what you need and have your goals when you get to the store. Third, you end up choosing your products more carefully. A great hack believe me, you not only save money but also your health.


Carry Bottled Water Everywhere


Have you ever felt like you’re too lazy to get up and get a cup of water? Even if you kinda want it? This is a great trick! It has made its wonders very quickly. Prepare a Water Bottle and have it with you at all times.

Especially when you’re at your office , the change of temperature has its effects on your body and can make you feel dehydrated. Water is essential for a healthy lifestyle! A few years ago I used to forget about drinking water and most of the times I would go for something tastier like juice

Increasing my water consumption has made me feel healthy and made miracles to my skin in general. You may not need 8 glasses a day but you sure need it. You can check more benefits here.

Hope you have the chance to try these healthy hacks and let me know what they’ve done or haven’t done for you.


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