TV Series You Should Be Watching Right Now

Get ready for the cold weather with these awesome shows.

November is here, bringing in its staying the cold weather, grey rainy days and long dark nights that make it impossible to go out. Nothing is better than enjoying a good movie or Tv Series at home while drinking some hot chocolate.

So, for that reason, today I decided to bring you some of my favorite TV Series that surely will make your winter a little bit better and warmer.

PS: They are a little bit unusual.


Stranger Things


You probably heard about this show already and for some reason you decided it’s not your thing. Well, let me tell you…you’re wrong. This is by far one of the best shows ever! I mean if you’re into supernatural, weird things and horror movies.

It’s no wonder why it has a 9.0 rating in IMDB. The story is basically about a little boy that disappears in the most weird circumstances and his geek friends and family start developing an investigation to find out what happened.

The result is… strange things happening all the time. A great drama, scientific, horror story that makes you wish it never ends. My favorite thing about this story are the kids, seriously, I’ve never seen anyone as brave, as smart and capable of imagining things like this group of kids. I truly recommend Stranger Things.




Another Tv Series that blew my mind is Preacher. I have to be honest with you the first episode didn’t quite catch my breath but when you start following the story you get hooked quickly.

It has one of the most sadistic humors ever and that’s what makes this Tv Series so amazing. Again, this show is not for soft hearts. It has shocking images and lots of blood. The story starts after some supernatural events that happened in this specific town, and the main character, preacher, starts its own path on finding God to redeem his past sins.

What happens is, he starts discovering that there is much more to this world than he thought. And he is also part of it.




With a 9,1 rating in IMDB, Westworld is definitely a must-watch for sci-fi fans. It has one of the most amazing casts ever seen with names such as Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Thandie Newton representing the main characters of the show.

It was inspired by the 1973 Westworld movie, the story is about a futuristic theme park that is populated by artificial beings with outstanding intelligence and technological advance.

Westworld is charming because it makes us think about the dangers of building artificial intelligence and how they can develop into human-like minds. Also, the cool thing about this story is that it has so many secrets to unveil and makes you curious throughout the whole time. Like a maze.


The Night Of


This Tv Series is a little bit different from the ones above, but it doesn’t make it any less of a show. The Night Of is about an intelligent, nice, young man that one day decides to let loose and go to a party with his colleagues. On his way he gets to know the most beautiful girl and spends the night with her.

Then, he wakes up and finds her stabbed in her bedroom, being charged of murder, the story develops from there. A true criminal, mind-blowing story that makes you wonder about life and innocence of the character.


Hope you have time to watch them and if you do, please let me know below what you think about this list. Enjoy!



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