Cool Apps You can Use to Customize Your Android

Personally I have to say that I’m a huge fan of design in general. I really love to create visual elements and make things look good. Not that i’m an expert or anything but I love exploring new technology and Apps and learn about these things. Yesterday I decided to customize my Android phone and thought you may want to know what are the best apps to do it.

First of all, let me tell you that I’m a huge fan of Zachary Anderson‘s youtube channel, and he is always the reason I end up changing my setup. I always get inspired by his tips and customization videos and the apps I’m using were all mentioned there.

1 – Nova Launcher

Cool Apps You can Use to Customize Your Android

If you want to be able to customize your android the fullest, you will need a good, light-weight launcher that allows you to set up every little detail. Nova Launcher is my favorite! I’ve been using it for months now and I never felt the need to change for another one.

I use the free version of the app but believe me, it’s enough, and that’s pretty cool. It’s one of the most complete apps even when you’re not paying for it. You can change the screen grill, the size of the icons, the display of your menu, add icon packs and much more. Besides, it doesn’t make your phone stutter at all. I really recommend it! If you’re more into android’s default style check out google now launcher, it’s great too.

2 – Polycon Pack

Cool Apps You can Use to Customize Your Android

Seriously guys, it’s not that android‘s default icons are ugly but I love combining the setups together to create unique looks. I’m kind of addicted to icon packs because there are lots of them at the play store that are free and look awesome! But Polycon is king. It may not please everyone but for me it has a great, creative design that makes every screen look 100 times better. You should check it out.

3 – Wallrox

Cool Apps You can Use to Customize Your Android

One of the most important things when it comes to customizing your phone it’s your wallpaper. This app is amazing believe me. If you’re fan of pattern like, colorful wallpapers this is it. It displays a wide range of patterns that go from blur, minimalist to gradients and geometric shapes. I love Wallrox because every single one of them is stunning and makes my screen look modern and alive. If you’re more into hd, realistic wallpapers you should check out Frame Wallpapers, it’s my first choice when I want a more urban, nature style.

4 – 1 Weather

Cool Apps You can Use to Customize Your Android

To create a good android setup i believe it’s important to have a good clock-weather widget. 1 Weather is, in my opinion, one of the best out there. I really love the style, it’s very easy to use and you can link the widget to any app you want. The only bad thing i’d like to point out is that after some time you may need to click on the app to refresh, but it’s definitely worth it!

5 – Month

Cool Apps You can Use to Customize Your Android

This is an extra detail that I like to put in consideration when i’m customizing my android. I just think it’s very useful to have a calendar right on the second screen to check out what I have in store for the week or if i’m skipping any birthdays. Month is pretty awesome because it has different themes and it’s very easy to customize. I chose this transparent, minimalist look because i think it’s very sophisticated and looks good with the wallpaper.

This is it for my list of Apps You can Use to Customize Your Android. Hope you enjoyed and see you next time!

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