Affordable Weekend Ideas

Our busy lives make weekends the most important period for self care and self love.

Many people make the excuses of how expensive it is to enjoy life. The truth is, the simplicity in the world is what really makes us fulfilled and reasonably happy. It’s not important to go to expensive, fancy parties and luxurious art exhibitions to make you feel like a human being. You have plenty of other options that might actually decrease your stress without having to spend that much of a deal.

My first advice is please don’t spend your day at home. Why would you waste your free time at home? You sure do that almost everyday after work and school… Just try to get out of the bed, take a shower, get a good breakfast and explore the world around you, there are plenty of things to do!


Spend Time With Nature

Affordable Weekend Ideas

Nature is key for a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the most relaxing, money-free options to go for on a weekend. You can take a walk, do some exercise, prepare a pic-nic with your family or simply read a book and listen to some music.

Every time I feel like I need a quick stress treatment I pack a little bag with water and snacks and just go for a walk in the park or the beach. It always makes its wonders to my body and soul.


Explore Your City

Affordable Weekend Ideas

I know you may think you’ve seen at all and you’re sick of your city already. You’ve lived here for 173181 years and you have to see it everyday. But, believe me, there is always something new.

A new shop, a new bar, new things are always happening. Or just take a public transport and go for the next one. The world is too big to stick around in one place. If you have time this weekend, just search for new events around your area and go for it. Don’t be lazy.


Try New Food

Affordable Weekend Ideas

This is actually one of my favorite Weekend ideas. Food can always make us smile and you can actually have a great time experiencing new flavors and cultures.

The important is to search for good, affordable places that meet your tastes. For example, whenever I want to try new food I check out Zomato and usually find the most amazing places in my area. Grab a friend, schedule a lunch or dinner and go for it. It’s always fun!


Follow the Music

Affordable Weekend Ideas

Music is an instant pain killer for me. Whenever I find out there is a concert happening I attend. Sometimes I don’t even know the bands but it’s just such a good experience. You can improve your overall knowledge and get to know the most amazing artists out there.

Explore music a little bit more, don’t just listen to what’s trendy. Sometimes the newest and not so successful artists are in your town and they’re pretty good. Besides, the tickets are usually more affordable. A plus.


Plan a Road Trip

Affordable Weekend Ideas

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, plan a road trip with your family, friends or lover. It’s a great opportunity to get to know new places and at the same time spend quality time with close ones. Keep in mind that the more people the more affordable it gets.


Go Camping


Camping is an amazing experience! To get in touch with nature and to see the most amazing landscapes, makes you feel truly alive. You can choose a suitable, free park to do it or search for cheap campsites. Buy some food, get a tent and you’re good to go!


This is it for my affordable weekend ideas. Hope you can think of something awesome to do with your friends, family or alone. Happiness depends on you, enjoy!



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